Where to stay in Gothenburg

Headed to Gothenburg and not sure where to stay? Our writer, who is based in Gothenburg, will help you decide!

Sweden’s second-biggest city is home to a few cool neighbourhoods. Most of the popular areas are within easy reach of the city centre, so where you choose to stay will depend on what you’re hoping to get out of your trip.

In this guide we’ll explore six main areas – each with its own distinctive character – to consider for your stay. From the hipster streets of Majorna to the tranquil, car-free vibes of the archipelago, we think this is a city with a lot to offer. Let’s dive in!

Inom Vallgraven
Gothenburg archipelago

Långgatorna (the long streets)

Best for: beers, grub and cool kids

This is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Gothenburg
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

Once upon a time this was the seediest part of Gothenburg, but these days it’s cleaned up its act (mostly, anyway) and we’re inclined to agree with those who describe it as one of Europe’s coolest (yet less touristy) neighbourhoods.

Långgatorna is an umbrella term for the four ‘long’ streets that stretch west of Järntorget – but the stars of the show are really Andra Långgatan (second long street) and Tredje Långgatan (third long street).

While these two streets are often lumped together, they do actually differ a bit.

Cool record shops on Andra Långgatan in Gothenburg
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

Andra Långgatan is rough and ready, with a strip bar and a big sex shop dotted among the bars and restaurants, but it’s increasingly feeling gentrified. This is a cool, youthful part of town and is perfect if you want to have dinner and a few beers.

You’ll also find record stores, vintage shops and wine bars tucked away along the street, making it a fun area to explore during the daytime, too.

Tredje långgatan is similar, but acts like the sophisticated older sibling who went to culinary school. You can expect a calmer vibe here with more upscale (and expensive) restaurants and bars.


  • Browse the vinyl at record stores like Dirty Records and Andra Långgatans Skivhandel
  • Tuck into loads of affordable food options, from tacos and falafel to Korean bibimbap
  • Grab some of Gothenburg’s cheapest beer at one of the fun, laid-back bars

Recommended activities

Where to stay

When it comes to places to stay, Göteborgs Mini-hotel is a good cheap option right in the thick of the action. Otherwise, try Airbnb or one of the fancier hotels near the water like Hotel Riverton (it’s a 10-minute walk to the northeast).

Is the Gothenburg Pass worth buying?

Read this guide to see how much you could save during your trip!


Best for: cosy cafés and vintage stores

Majorna is a nice part of Gothenburg to stay in
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

The old working-class area of Majorna is a laid-back yet hip neighbourhood filled with vintage stores, cosy cafes and a vibrant music scene. Some say it’s where Gothenburg’s heart truly beats.

A stroll here feels like a step back in time, where old school meets new school. Locals love it for its community feel, ‘mom and pop’-esque stores and green spaces.

Anchoring your journey here will certainly give you a taste of authentic Gothenburg culture, away from the main tourist areas.

Gothenburg's famous trams make an appearance in Majorna
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

Majorna suits those who love a relaxed vibe with the city buzz just a few tram stops away. For the full experience, we recommend finding a base near Mariaplan – a perfect spot to soak up the area’s charm.


  • Brings a distinct sense of community
  • Offers a slice of ‘true’ Gothenburg culture
  • A perfect spot to find hipster-friendly cafés and vintage bargains

Recommended activities

Where to stay

Hotels in Majorna are few and far between, so we think it’s best to opt for an Airbnb. Otherwise, Quality Hotel Waterfront is a decent mid-range option around 20-minutes’ walk to the west.


Best for: families with young kids

Linné is an upscale part of Gothenburg near to parks and gardens
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

Want to be close to nature while keeping a toe dipped in the city life? Then Linné could be exactly what you’re looking for.

With Gothenburg’s famous trams running up and down the main road, this place is just a short walk to Gothenburg’s famous Slottsskogen park, the botanical garden and the Änggårdsbergen nature reserve (all must-visits if greenery is your thing).

If not, you can always walk a few minutes to Haga, the pretty cobbled neighbourhood that’s home to coffee shops serving gigantic cinnamon buns.

Slottsskogen is a great park in Gothenburg
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

Linné also attracts a crowd known in Sweden as ‘latte mums’ and ‘latte papas’ – parents who pop their kids in fancy strollers and sip artisan cafe lattes all day long. It’s a friendly, upscale part of town with great play areas nearby.


  • Closeness to both green areas and hotspots in the city
  • A great variety of cafés and restaurants at your fingertips
  • Super family-friendly

Recommended activities:

Where to stay

Slottsskogens Hostel is one of the city’s best budget places to stay, and it’s right on the edge of the park. Nearby Linnéplatsens Hotell och Vandrarhem is a decent backup option if you need one.

Inom Vallgraven

Best for: shopping and city sightseeing

Downtown Gothenburg is a good area for shopping, and we like the big selection of hotels
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

The term ‘Inom Vallgraven’ literally means ‘inside the moat,’ aptly named considering it sits within, you guessed it, Gothenburg’s moat.

Inom Vallgraven is bursting with shops, featuring the Nordstan shopping centre and the upscale Nordiska Kompaniet department store, often referred to as NK. This is the busiest part of town and it is indeed a shopper’s paradise.

When you want a break from the shopping spree, consider taking the Paddan Sightseeing Tour. It’s a boat tour that floats through Gothenburg’s canals, offering a scenic view of the city along with insights into its history.

We think Inom Vallgraven is the best part of Gothenburg for shopping
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

Alternatives include this fun amphibious bus tour, which takes you to some of the same places.


  • The perfect destination for shopping enthusiasts
  • Features the liveliest streets in all of Gothenburg
  • Plenty of historic architecture to admire

Recommended activities

  • Find designer clothes and luxurious items at Nordiska Kompaniet (for those looking to splurge a little extra)
  • Visit the charming little shops at Kronhusbodarna, which are housed in some of Gothenburg’s oldest and most well-preserved buildings.
  • Take a boat tour for a one-of-a-kind view of the city

Where to stay

We think this part of town has the best range of accommodation options, from cheap hostels to upscale hotels. At the higher end of things, Avalon is a reliably trendy spot with an impressive rooftop pool that hangs out over the shopping streets below.


Best for: art, theatre and film

There are lots of cool galleries in this part of Gothenburg
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

If you’re drawn to more sophisticated stuff like theatre and orchestras, Lorensberg is definitely the place to be.

Here you’ll find the Gothenburg Concert Hall, the Gothenburg City Theatre, the Lorensberg Theatre and the Gothenburg Museum of Art, which can be visited for free with the Gothenburg City Pass.

Otherwise you can check out Gothenburg City Library and Biograf Göta, a cinema showing classic and contemporary films alike.

Which is the best part of Gothenburg to stay in?
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

An added perk of Lorensberg is its proximity to Liseberg, a cute, well-run amusement park with surprisingly gnarly rollercoasters.


  • A distinguished neighbourhood for all things culture (on the more sophisticated side)
  • Liseberg is within walking distance

Recommended activities

  • Listen to the Gothenburg Symphonic Orchestra at the Concert Hall
  • Catch the drama at the City Theatre
  • Visit the Gothenburg Museum of Art to supercharge your creative batteries
  • Watch a classic film on the big screen at Biograf Göta

Where to stay

Just off the main drag, Le Mat B&B is an affordable, clean, long-running hostel that Routes North writers have visited several times over the years. If you need something a bit more comfortable, we think Scandic Rubinen is a decent mid-range option.

The Gothenburg archipelago

Best for: tranquillity, views and isolation

The archipelago is a great place to get away from it all in Gothenburg
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

There’s no shortage of islands to choose from near Gothenburg, and you don’t need to have loads of spare time to go exploring – choosing any of the major ones will guarantee you a genuine taste of Gothenburg’s island lifestyle.

Quiet and largely traffic-free, the islands feel a million miles from the city, but you can still reach the archipelago quickly thanks to the local ferry service (read our guide for tips on the best islands to visit from the city). Tickets can simply be purchased online or at a service point for around 35 SEK (the same as any public transit fare!).

Island accommodation near Gothenburg
Pic: Sebastian Hegmar (c)

The islands are the perfect place to wander and soak in the sights of colourful wooden houses, ocean views, and (fingers crossed for sunny weather) intimate swimming spots. You’ll certainly also find some nice places to eat, just don’t expect the full city centre offering, or the same long opening hours.


  • Fresh seafood (and fresh air)
  • A complete change of pace from the city
  • Lots of fun outdoor activities

Recommended activities

Where to stay

On the islands of the Southern Archipelago, which is easiest to reach from the city, we like Isbolaget on the island of Donsö. Over on Brännö, Brännö Varv is a cosy, traditional alternative.

Still unsure about the best place to stay in Gothenburg? Check out our main Gothenburg travel guide for more info.

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