Malmö travel guide

Malmö travel guide

Malmö, located in the flat and fertile part of the country known as Skåne, is Sweden’s most culturally diverse city. Spend a couple of days exploring and you’ll hear dozens of different languages echoing off the cobbled streets, from Arabic and Thai to German and Norwegian.

Just over 300,000 people live in the city, but it feels as cosmopolitan and outward-looking as places twice the size. Malmö initially flourished as a fishing town and for centuries the entire area was part of Denmark, rather than Sweden. Only in 1658, following a long and bloody military campaign, could Sweden finally gain control of the region and start shaping Malmö’s future. The city grew, eventually becoming a successful manufacturing hub. Then in the 1970s, as Sweden’s economy began to falter, it entered a period of steady decline – with a reputation for crime and disorder to match.

Only when the vast Öresund Bridge opened in 1995, providing a quick shortcut to Denmark and the rest of continental Europe, could Malmö finally hit its stride. Today it’s a modest, eco-minded city where organic food and feminism rule, and cycling is considered the coolest mode of transport. Experimental restaurants and bars are slowly beginning to transform the street scene, with some places taking obvious inspiration from nearby foodie hotspot Copenhagen.

The prices are much lower here, however, and the restaurants rarely feel pretentious. Malmö’s galleries, parks and museums are well worth exploring – not least Moderna Museet, a mini version of Stockholm’s world-class modern art gallery. If you can resist the urge to rush on from here to Denmark or another part of Sweden, you’ll be able to take in less-visited sights such as the Form/Design Center and Malmö’s sandy, man-made beach – perfect for a chilly dip.


What to see and do
Second-hand shopping in Malmö, Sweden

Second-hand shopping in Malmö

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Cheap eats in Malmö

Cheap eats in Malmö

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Stortorget in Malmö, Sweden


Malmö’s main square – Stortorget – is a gaping great space right at the centre of the city. A meeting…

St Petri Kyrka, Malmö

St Petri Kyrka

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Malmö travel guide

Turning Torso

As the tallest building in Scandinavia, the fantastical twisting skyscraper known as the Turning Torso should really be one of…

Moriskan, a concert venue in Malmö's Folkets Park

Folkets Park

Malmö has some really lovely parks, whose lakeside paths and rambling gardens are surprisingly tranquil. Folkets Park (the People’s Park)…


Tours in Malmö

3-Hour Private Bike Tour in Malmö

3-Hour Private Bike Tour in Malmö

Malmö is one of the world’s most cycling friendly cities. On this private bike tour, your guide will lead you through the sights and traffic in style.

Small Group Walking Tour in Malmö

Small Group Walking Tour in Malmö

Malmö is an unhurried city that combines a medieval core with a cosmopolitan vibe. See many historic buildings and parks perfect for a walking tour.

See Malmö in 30 Minutes

See Malmö in 30 Minutes

Take a unique ride and see Malmö’s most famous attractions. You’ll be accompanied by an audio guide which will explain each location to you.

Private Walking Tour in Malmö

Private Walking Tour in Malmö

Malmo is an unhurried city that combines a medieval core with a cosmopolitan vibe with many historic buildings and parks, perfect for a walking tour.

Malmo small group bike tour_690x462

Small Group Bike Tour in Malmö

See the sights like a local on a small group 3-hour bike tour and marvel at impressive monuments such as the Turning Torso tower and Malmö Castle.