Living and working in Scandinavia

Living and working in Scandinavia can be a hugely rewarding experience – not least because the Scandinavian countries are consistently named among the world’s best places for striking the perfect work-life balance.

Detailed guide to the cost of living in Sweden

Cost of living in Sweden

Sweden has a reputation for being expensive. In many ways it’s deserved, but even with the relatively high cost of…

Getting an Icelandic sim card

If you’re heading to Iceland, chances are you’ll want your phone for everything from road navigation to translating the Icelandic…

The cost of living in Denmark

The cost of living in Denmark

You probably know that Denmark is expensive. But just how much should you expect to pay for food, accommodation and activities?

Tips for getting a Finnish sim card

Getting a Finnish sim card

Visiting Finland without a phone is pretty much unthinkable nowadays. Here’s how to get yourself a great-value sim card!