Getting from Oslo airport to the city centre

So you’ve touched down, picked up a network on your phone and found your bags on the carousel. You’re ready to hit Oslo.

Oslo airport terminal at night
Pic: Espen Solli

But first of all, you need to know how to get from Oslo Gardermoen airport to the city centre. Does Oslo airport have a train station? And what’s the cheapest way to get from Oslo airport to the city?

The good news is that there are a handful of ways to cover the 47km journey from Oslo’s main airport Gardermoen south to the city centre.

There’s a route to suit all budgets, with the price going up, mostly, as the journey time comes down. Read on to find the option that suits you best.

The fastest way: take the airport express

If you just want to get into Oslo as quickly as possible, head for the Flytoget airport express, a sleek, silvery grey train which will whizz you from the airport to central Oslo in around 20 minutes.

Punctuality is key, with frequent departures every 10–20 minutes from 5.30am til 12.50am.

The airport express train is the fastest way to get from Gardermoen to Oslo
Pic: Bene Riobó

Big comfy seats, plentiful sockets for charging devices, free wifi…. what’s not to like? Well, perhaps just the cost.

One-way tickets cost around 210 NOK, with a round-trip double the cost at around 420 NOK (so you don’t save anything by booking a return journey).

You can get 50% off fares however if you’re a student, a senior, or aged 16–20 (children 15 and under go free).

Buying tickets is as streamlined as the train. You can buy tickets online in advance.

They are valid for ninety days after purchase and you don’t have to specify which train you want to travel on, so there’s no problem if your flight is delayed – or even early! 

Alternatively, you can buy tickets via the Flytoget app, which has the advantage of providing real time departure and arrival information. 

But the easiest way is to simply use your credit or debit card as a ticket. You just swipe it in the machine before boarding the train, then swipe it again at the barriers when you arrive.

If you have more than one card with you, make you swipe the same card on boarding and departure otherwise you will get charged twice.

If you need a receipt for your journey, you’ll have to pre-register your card on the Flytoget website.

The Flytoget express takes you direct to Oslo Sentralstasjon – known as Oslo S – and most trains continue to the Nationaltheatret station at the western end of Karl Johans gate, the main street through the city centre.

It’s also worth knowing that if you book your return trip back to the airport with Flytoget, they offer an amazing travel guarantee.

If there’s a delay of more than 30 minutes that causes you to miss your flight, Flytoget will pick up the tab for you rearranging your travel.

Is the Oslo Pass worth buying?

Read this guide to see how much you could save during your trip!

The cheapest way: take a regional train

If you’re worried about the cost of getting from Oslo airport to Oslo central station, consider taking a regional or local train.

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Cheaper than the airport express, three Norwegian Railway regional trains an hour make the journey from the airport to Oslo S in 23 minutes.

The trains you can take are the R10/R11 regional train or the L12 local train, which run every 10–20 minutes from 5.15am until 11.43pm, stopping at Lillestrøm on the way.

A one-way trip costs around 114 NOK, with a 25% discount for students and 50% off for seniors and six-to-17-year-olds.

Check the Vy website for timetables and to buy tickets – search for ‘Oslo airport to Oslo Central Station’ or ‘Oslo Lufthavn to Oslo S’.

Regional trains are likely to be busier than the airport express but are still a good way to travel and there’s space to stow luggage during the journey.

Just bear one thing in mind – these services don’t give the same guarantee of being on time as Flytoget, so build in leeway for possible delays when returning to the airport at the end of your trip.

Money-saving bonus: when you reach Oslo S, keep hold of your ticket if you’re planning to do more travelling – these train tickets are valid for 2hr 30min for further travel on Oslo’s buses, trams and metro.

The way with the most drop-offs: the airport bus

If you’re not staying in downtown Oslo, take a look at Flybussen’s Lines FB2 and FB5 and see if the route runs close to your accommodation.

Flybussen runs runs hourly every day from 4.15am until 1am and makes 11–13 stops between the airport and Oslo S bus station, with a journey time of 42 minutes.

Buses terminate at the Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel at Holbergs Gate, just east of the Palace Park.

At around 209 NOK for a single ticket from the airport to Oslo S bus station, the Flybussen isn’t cheap, though the return price of 349 NOK works out slightly cheaper.

If you’re a student, senior or aged 6–17, the single/return fare drops to 129/219 NOK. 

You can buy tickets on the bus, but they cost 240 NOK (380 NOK return), so you’ll save money by buying online in advance from Omio.

The Flybussen airport express has a joint ticketing arrangement with Ruter, the company which runs Oslo city transport.

So if you buy a Ruter 7-, 30- or 365-day ticket for getting around Oslo you can also use it on the Flybussen as long as it’s valid for the whole journey. A one-way Flybussen ticket is valid for onward travel on Oslo buses, trams and metro.

The lazy way: grab a taxi

If you have heavy baggage, or there’s a few of you travelling together, there’s something to be said for getting a taxi.

It’s easy enough to find a cab. The taxi information counter in the arrivals hall has a list of fixed fares, and drivers are obliged to offer you a fixed rate before you start your journey. 

To book a cab, head for the taxi booking machine outside the terminal building on the ground floor by the taxi pick-up area. You should get a cab within about five minutes.

How much is a taxi from Oslo airport to the city centre?

The downside of taking a taxi is that the fare is whopping – expect to pay at least 610 NOK during the day and up to 800 NOK at night and in the early morning. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that, depending on traffic, it won’t necessarily be the quickest way to get downtown.

You can also get Ubers from the airport, but you’ll pay around the same as in a fixed-fare taxi.

The VIP way: take a private transfer

If you don’t mind splashing the cash and want a stress-free arrival into Oslo, consider taking a private transfer.

This VIP option cuts out some of the hassle of waiting around for a taxi but – at around 1,170 NOK per person – it certainly isn’t cheap.

But wait, I’m landing at Sandefjord Torp Airport instead!

“Help! I’m not at Gardermoen. I’m at Torp! So how do I get from Oslo Torp airport to the city centre?”

Yes, you’ve come in on a low-cost airline and arrived 110km southwest of Oslo.

But don’t panic.

A shuttle bus (35 NOK) will take you from the airport to Torp Train Station. From there, regional train R11 runs hourly to Oslo S in 1hr 30min for 289 NOK each way.

You can buy a combined shuttle bus and train ticket online in advance for the same price – just search for Sandefjord lufthavn. The whole journey including the shuttle bus takes 1hr 40min.

Alternatively, the airport express bus  runs to Oslo S bus station for 299 NOK single. It takes around 1hr 40min and its departure coincides with flight arrivals, so there may be long gaps during the day when there are no buses.


Which airport is closest to Oslo city centre?

Gardermoen is definitely the closest airport to Oslo, lying 45 km north of the city. Torp airport is 110km southwest of the city.

Which Oslo airport does Ryanair fly to?

Ryanair has flights to both Torp and Gardermoen, so make sure you check which one you are going to when you book. The flight code for Oslo Torp is TRF, and for Gardermoen it’s OSL.

Is Oslo airport big?

Gardermoen is Norway’s largest airport with 72 gates and around 28 million passengers passing through each year. 

It has just one terminal, but the recent Oslo airport expansion project has doubled the size of the terminal with 34 new check-in desks and expanded security and baggage handling capacity.

Where to stay at Oslo airport

The three closest hotels to the airport are all within a few minutes walk from the terminal building along direct covered walkways.

The Radisson Blu Airport Hotel , the Radisson RED and the Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre are all comfortable, modern, clean hotels with all the facilities that you would expect of an airport hotel.

How to get from Rygge airport to Oslo city centre

There is a third Oslo airport, Moss airport at Rygge about 60km south of Oslo.

It used to serve budget and domestic airlines, including Ryanair, but when Ryanair withdrew all its flights in 2016, the airport closed down. It has remained closed to all civilian flights ever since.

Does the Oslo Pass include travel from the airport?

The Oslo Pass includes all public transport in Oslo within zones 1 and 2, but does not include the trip to or from the airport.

So, if you’re thinking of buying an Oslo Pass, you’ll need to buy a separate ticket for the airport.

To help you decide whether the Oslo Pass makes financial sense for your trip, check out our guide to The Oslo Pass: Is it worth buying? 



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Audrey Hasslocher
Audrey Hasslocher
3 years ago

Thank you so much for this helpful information. I am visiting Oslo for the first time and have searched for the best transportation from the airport. This answered everything and more.
Thanks for sharing!

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You’re welcome Audrey, have a great trip!