Things to do in Gothenburg

You won’t have much trouble finding fun things to see and do in Gothenburg. The city has some excellent museums and galleries, and is also home to Scandinavia’s biggest theme park, which hosts a winter market. If the sun is shining, try one of the city’s well-maintained parks.

Museums and galleries


Historic sights

Domkyrkan, Gothenburg's cathedral


Domkyrkan, Gothenburg’s cathedral, is the third big religious building to occupy the rectangular sliver of land…

Gunnebo Slott

Gunnebo Slott

Located just 9km south of the city centre, the gorgeous wooden mansion known as Gunnebo Slott makes for an enjoyable…

Parks and nature

Other sights in Gothenburg

Andra Långgatan

Andra Långgatan

Record stores, strip clubs and grungy live music venues all share space along Andra Långgatan, the coolest and most student-friendly…

Avenyn, Gothenburg


Avenyn (or Kungsportsavenyen, to give the street its official name) is Gothenburg’s main boulevard…

Haga is a pretty part of Gothenburg


Until a few decades ago, the old working-class district of Haga was a down-at-heel suburb best known for its rowdy…

City Library, Gothenburg

City Library

Gothenburg’s superb city library (Stadsbiblioteket) is seldom visited by tourists. But there are a few useful…

Järntorget Gothenburg


The cobbled square called Järntorget isn’t so much a sight as an inevitable transit point for anyone exploring Gothenburg. Nine…

Map of things to see and do in Gothenburg