Eating and drinking

Bland, boring and eye-wateringly expensive. Look hard enough and you’ll still find evidence to support the old stereotypes, but Nordic cuisine has transformed beyond all recognition in the past decade or two, and Scandinavia is now one of the planet’s most exciting places to dine out. And as these guides show, you don’t even have to spend much money to eat and drink like royalty!

Cheap eats in Malmö

Cheap eats in Malmö

Foodies often whizz straight through Malmö. And who can blame them? Copenhagen, with its busy food markets and cool-as cafés,…

Fram Ekolivs sells raw food

A raw food tour of Gothenburg

Gothenburg has long been known for its gigantic shrimp sandwiches, but now there’s a new trend sweeping through the cobbled streets…

Nybrogatan 38 does cheap breakfasts in Stockholm, Sweden

Where to eat breakfast in Stockholm

Stockholm’s cosy cafés do a roaring trade before lunch, luring in bleary-eyed customers with steaming-hot coffee and sugar-topped cinnamon buns….

Mårtenstorget in Lund

Cheap eats in Lund

Lund has its fair share of decent restaurants but lots of them charge more than 300 SEK for a single…

Five cool cafés in Lund

Five cool cafés in Lund

Lund is as caffeine crazed as any other city in Sweden, and the large student population means there are plenty…

Cheap food trucks in Gothenburg

Cheap eats in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has been building a reputation as a foodie destination that puts the focus on fresh, local ingredients – not least…

Kafé Marmelad in Gothenburg, Sweden

Cool cafés in Gothenburg

In need of a pick-me-up? There are some great coffee shops and cafés in Gothenburg, but the same ones seem to…

Hagabio is an independent cinema in Gothenburg

Best bars in Gothenburg

Pounding Gothenburg’s pavements can be thirsty work but there are some awesome bars around town waiting to welcome you in…

Hötorget is a popular place for cheap food in Stockholm

Cheap food in Stockholm

It’s the capital city of an expensive country, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that there is no cheap food…