10 of the best Instagrammers in Sweden

Instagram is an ever-changing source of inspiration, but sometimes it can become a bit overwhelming, making it difficult to find something special. To save you any searching we’ve found ten outstanding accounts, each providing a unique look at life in Sweden. Let us introduce you to ten of the best Instagrammers in Sweden, including a coffee connoisseur, a wilderness expert and an awesomely cute little reindeer.

In i Vildmarken

Wilderness adventurer

Peter Persson is the man behind the In i Vildmarken feed, which shows what being a wilderness adventurer is all about. This adventurous Swede used to wander the forests alone as a child. Nowadays, Persson travels to the most remote parts of northern Sweden and documents everything he encounters. From simple photographs of freshly picked blueberries, to remarkable videos of moose trampling their way through a swamp, there’s plenty to kick start your explorer spirit.

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Babes In Boyland

Creative duo

Nathalie Myrberg and Matilda Hildingsson are the creative duo behind Babes In Boyland, an Instagram account focused on styling, food, design and sustainability. Swiping through their stunning posts is like taking a step back in time, to a Sweden that once was. Their photos are always richly textured and atmospheric, even if it’s just a close-up of a waffle or a bowl of strawberries with milk. Each and every post is like a breath of fresh, Swedish air.



Off the grid in central Sweden

Mathias Smulter is the man behind Javrri, an Instagram account providing a captivating insight into a humble, off-the-grid lifestyle in central Sweden. Mathias lives in the forests of Jämtland with his partner Tova, their cat, a bunch of chickens and two dogs called Mysak and Malva. Yes, you’ll see a lot of the animals! Mathias photographs and videos everything, from the cat taking a ride in the firewood basket, to Tova watering vegetables. Need to get away from it all? Make a stop here.

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Mr Julls

Fashion blogger

Julian Hernandez is a 26-year-old fashion blogger who runs his account like a beautiful, high-end magazine. This suave Stockholmer takes style seriously, and this is reflected in his flawless posts. Everything is an adventure on Julian’s account and there’s usually a real holiday vibe going on with plenty of positive energy.

A photo posted by JULIAN HERNANDEZ (@mrjulls) on


Jonna Jinton

Artist, photographer & blogger

Jonna Jinton is an artist, photographer and blogger residing in the woods of northern Sweden, and her Instagram is a world away from… well… pretty much everything. There are videos of her performing Kulning, an ancient form of Swedish singing, as well as enchanting self portraits and endless captures of breathtaking nature. Jonna’s creativity and way of approaching life will encourage you to let more magic into your world.

A photo posted by Jonna Jinton (@jonnajinton) on


Dagmar’s Kitchen

Food stylist, recipe developer & photographer

Sonja Dahlgren is the creative force driving Dagmar’s Kitchen, an Instagram account celebrating healthy food and good living. Each post is mouth-wateringly beautiful, be it a towering strawberry cake or a lunch of bread, butter and pickled herring. The name Dagmar’s Kitchen was inspired by her Danish great grandmother, who created an atmosphere of ‘hygge’ (or a special kind of cosiness) in her kitchen. That feeling is most definitely present in Sonja’s Instagram feed.

Marta Moosiatko Streng

Photographer & barista

Marta is a 30-year-old Polish photographer and barista based in Stockholm with an Instagram feed that reflects her bubbly personality. No matter what Marta is capturing, be it a cat or a steaming cup of coffee, she turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Going through Marta’s Instagram posts is a bit like opening presents – it’s always exciting waiting for her next upload.


Bianca van Dam

Writer, designer & photographer

Bianca van Dam is a Dutch expat, writer, designer and photographer living in Stockholm, and her Instagram provides a sweet insight into her daily life. From beautifully hand-decorated pepparkakor (gingerbread biscuits) to shots of Midsummer celebrations, from photographing someone’s apartment to snapping a selfie with her cat, you see life as Bianca experiences it.

A photo posted by Bianca van Dam (@biancavdam) on


A Cup of Johan

Coffee connoisseur

Johan Damgaard is the cheerful chap behind A Cup of Johan, an Instagram account that expresses his love of coffee. He’s also the captain at Johan and Nyström, a well-known Swedish coffee roaster. Through his posts you’ll come to understand why coffee – and fika – is a Swedish state of mind. The mesmerising videos of coffee being prepared will have you reaching for the kettle. All in all, it’s an uplifting insight into a life that revolves around coffee.


Násti Heter Jag

Professional reindeer

Násti’s mother was killed by a bear, but this cute little reindeer was given a new chance at life with a family in northern Sweden. Násti (which means star in Sami) has unsurprisingly gathered a strong following on Instagram. There’s plenty of videos of him running and eating, plus photographs of him looking just magnificent in the Swedish north. If you’re anything like us, your time in Sweden will probably become dedicated to meeting Násti for yourself.

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7 years ago

I’m a makeup artist in Sweden, also on IG:-). I’ve searched for some inspiration and came across your blogg. Can see why these are on the top 10 list. Sweden are just so beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

Routes North
7 years ago
Reply to  Mia

Hey Mia!

Thanks for the comment! Feel free to share your IG profile here 🙂

7 years ago

Great post – it’s a region of the world that is very dear to me! nice to see people showing it so beautifully!

7 years ago

Thank you for the nice words!

Bates, Eleanor
Bates, Eleanor
7 years ago

Would enjoy receiving input from Scandinavian instagramars!