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Metal bunks take up most of the floor space in this cheap downtown hostel’s dorms. Save for the lockers (there’s one per bed) there’s little else inside, and yet the dorms still feel quite crowded by the time all of the guests have checked in.

All of the rooms and dorms at Interhostel have bright pictures of natural scenes (think poppies, bamboo and rhinos) on their outer doors, making the corridors feel fairly cheery. But otherwise the whole hostel is a tad gloomy, even in the middle of the day.

Interhostel in Stockholm

You can make meals in the simple kitchen; the attached dining area has small round tables to eat at and a big TV hanging on one wall. There are also a few PCs dotted around the hostel, providing information on the local area.

Female-only dorms are available, as are private singles and doubles that share bathrooms.

This isn’t the best hostel in the area, but you’ll struggle to find many places in Norrmalm offering lower per-night rates.

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Interhostel Stockholm
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The prices we were quoted
189 SEK
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500 SEK
Double (shared bathroom)
600 SEK
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