Piteå Hostel

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Piteå's best budget digs


Leafy parkland surrounds this excellent hostel, right at the eastern end of Piteå’s main street and a short walk from the central shops and restaurants.

The wooden building is actually Piteå’s community centre (Folkets Hus) but has been fitted out with clean, bright rooms that feel warm and cosy, even in the middle of winter.

Piteå Hostel has a mix of single, twin and quadruple rooms, plus a huge 10-bed dorm with single beds, bunks and basic fold-up beds. Toilets are outside along the corridor, where you’ll also find shower rooms. There aren’t many of these to go around, which might cause problems at busy times, but it was fine when we visited.

Piteå Hostel

Single rooms with en-suite toilets are also available, if you’d rather not have to share.

The ground floor accommodation is the best option if you’re looking for something modern and fresh. Guests staying down here gather in the shared kitchen for breakfast and evening meals. Free coffee and tea is available all day long.

There’s a separate kitchen for guests staying in the upstairs dorm – it’s a bit older than the one downstairs but still fine for rustling up a snack. The laundry room on the first floor makes it easy to wash and dry clothes that you’ve been traipsing through the snow in.

Our only complaint with Piteå Hostel is that the whole place feels a bit impersonal. The reception desk is only open for a few hours each day; arrive outside these times and you’ll be sent a code for opening the front door, and a second code for getting your keys from a security box. This means you could quite easily stay here without meeting a soul.

There is however a rumour that this building (at one time a hospital) is haunted by a ghost. But don’t worry: we had the whole dorm to ourselves, and didn’t notice anything especially spooky.

As with most Swedish hostels you’ll need to bring your own bed sheets, or pay extra to hire a set when you arrive.

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Piteå Hostel
Storgatan 3

+46 911 158 80

The prices we were quoted
Dorm (10-bed)
200 SEK
Single (shared bathroom)
340 SEK
Single (en-suite)
400 SEK


Last updated: May 2015

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