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We’ve spent many a moon in Thailand and can confirm that the food here is the real deal. Spicy, salty, sweet, sour: it presses all of the right buttons in just the right measure.

If you’ve ever spent a lazy week on a Thai beach, with your days punctuated by cold beers and hot curries, this place will bring the memories flooding back.

The décor helps, of course. Step into Moon Thai Kitchen and you’re instantly transported from chilly Gothenburg to what looks like some tacky beach bar on Koh Phangan. Fairy lights dance, bamboo covers the walls and plastic flowers in shades of pink and green dangle from the ceiling.

Moon Thai Kitchen in Gothenburg

There’s a Thai-style bar in the middle selling drinks (hell, you can have a bucket if you really want to recreate that holiday feeling) and there’s cosier bamboo seating for sit-down meals at the front and back.

Dishes are served at three different levels of spiciness: falang style, backpacker style and Thai style. Most can be altered to taste, so it’s worth asking if you want something spicier or milder than you see it listed in the menu. Thai style is very hot, just like the real thing.

Choose from soupy dishes like tom kha gai and tom yam, noodle dishes like the classic pad thai, and all of the usual Thai curries. There are even a couple of lesser-known regional dishes, such as an excellent laab (a kind of minced salad eaten predominantly in Laos and northeast Thailand). Nearly everything on the menu can be made veggie on request.

Service can be lacklustre at times but when it’s snowing outside, a meal here still feels like a little shot of sunshine.

Moon Thai Gothenburg
Kristinelundsgatan 9
Mon–Thurs 11am–11pm, Fri 11am–1am, Sat noon–1am, Sun midday–11pm. Booking advised.

+46 317 742 828


Last updated: September 2014

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