Heaven 23

Overall 8

Food with a view


There are two reasons why a trip to this hotel bar should be high on your list of things to do in Gothenburg.

Firstly, the view: nowhere else in the city can compete with this vantage point, 23 stories up in a glass-sided tower. From here you can gaze down of the copper rooftops of some of the city’s oldest buildings, and see the entire Liseberg theme park stretching out in front of you. At night it’s spectacular – even more so in November and December when one of the tallest rides is transformed into a giant Christmas tree.

Heaven 23 in Gothenburg

The second reason for coming here is a little less obvious. Prawn sandwiches. Gothenburg is known for its excellent räkmackor but the ones served here (known simply as ‘king size’) are triumphant mounds of mayo, prawns and rye bread that will leave you feeling well fed for hours afterwards. Even though there’s a whole menu full of other options, around 17 of these sandwiches fly out of the kitchen every hour. Want to try one? Expect to pay around 255 SEK.

If the food doesn’t encourage you to take a trip up Heaven 23 then perhaps the cocktails will. They’re not cheap (reckon on at least 120 SEK per glass) but they’re well mixed and provide a good accompaniment to the views.

There’s just one annoying thing about this place: you have to pay 20 SEK to hang your coat up on the way in, regardless of how much you plan to spend at the bar.

Heaven 23
Hotel Gothia Towers
Mässans Gata 24
Mon 11.30am–midnight, Tues–Thurs 11.30am–1am,
Fri 11.30am–2am, Sat noon–2am, Sun noon–midnight

+46 317 508 805


Last updated: September 2014

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