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Capitalising on the ‘dirty food’ revolution that swept through London and New York a couple of years ago, Burgersson does big, juicy hamburgers in cool industrial surroundings. The tables here are made from bare wood, menus are brought out on clipboards, and exposed light bulbs hang from the ceiling.

Perhaps inevitably, hipsters seem to love it. And beyond all of the beards and Brooklyn-esque design, the food is actually pretty good. It’s meaty, cheesy, drippy, salty – perfect fodder for hungry tourists.

One of the best things about Burgersson is that the provenance of the main ingredient is made clear. Right above the bar there’s a chalkboard showing where the meat for today’s burgers came from (all of the beef is sourced from Swedish farms).

Burgersson, Gothenburg

How you eat your meat is up to you – the ‘classic’ burger comes with cheddar cheese, while the humorously named ‘Berlusconi’ is served with Italian taleggio cheese and a compote made with red onion and apple. Sides run from chilli nuts to skinny fries covered in herbs and Swedish Västerbottensost (yep, that’s another cheese). If you have room and fancy something sweet, there are a few gooey milkshakes to choose from.

In the summertime tables there are tables outside street, providing a good sunny spot for an evening beer. There are great brews from England, the US and Gothenburg itself – the only downside is that the prices for drinks are a little on the high side.

Skanstorget 4
Tues–Thurs 4.30pm–11pm, Fri 3.30pm–midnight, Sat noon–midnight, Sun noon–10pm



Last updated: September 2014

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