Scandinavia can be a fun place to go shopping, and whether you love Danish design or Swedish fashion, you’re sure to find something great to take home with you. There’s a really lively second-hand scene in Stockholm and Copenhagen – if you’re looking for a bargain be sure to get up early for a rummage around the flea markets!

Second-hand shopping in Malmö, Sweden

Second-hand shopping in Malmö

The second-hand scene in Malmö is surprisingly diverse, with everything from messy warehouse shops to small boutiques selling carefully selected…

Copenhagen is great for food, shopping and sightseeing

Flea markets in Copenhagen

Whether you’re a lover of Danish fashion and design or just want to buy something to remind you of your…

A guide to Swedish fashion

A guide to Swedish fashion

Step off the plane in Sweden and it’ll hit you like a sack of potatoes: Swedes have style. Fashion is…