Second-hand shopping in Malmö

The second-hand scene in Malmö is surprisingly diverse, with everything from messy warehouse shops to small boutiques selling carefully selected items. The potential for finding bargains is huge – or at least it is if you know where to go. Get yourself started with this quick guide.

Second-hand shopping in Malmö, Sweden
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Butik Fabrik

Butik Fabrik is a really neat shop located near the square called St Knuts Torg. They sell lots of hand-picked vintage items, including lamps, vases and some lovely old maps and posters. They also have some more modern products made by local designers. The beautifully decorated shop is a fun place to browse, but bear in mind that it has extremely limited hours. If you’re in this part of town for a while, drop into Mineral at nearby St Knuts Väg 13, which does tasty vegetarian and vegan food.

St Knuts Väg 8
Thurs & Fri noon–5pm, Sat 11am–4pm


Sorgenfri Secondhand

A few blocks from Butik Fabrik at Ronnebygatan 6 is Sorgenfri Secondhand. This is a really old-school second-hand shop, selling everything from old hat racks to dusty polaroid images. If you’re looking for some inspiration for arty or creative projects, you’ll love it here; there are loads of postcards and photo albums to trawl through. It’s a bit cluttered, though, so if you’re a big fan of order and tidiness you should probably think twice about going here – or just grab a coffee at FYN across the street while your mates check out the shop.

Ronnebygatan 6
Open: Weds–Fri noon–6pm




Trollets Loppis

If you want to go big, go to Trollets. This is a 1300 sq m shop packed with tableware, lamps, furniture, electronics, old typewriters and all sorts of other peculiar stuff. Hardly any items are price-marked but the owner is always willing to make a good deal, especially if you buy a couple of things. There are even motorbikes knocking around the place. There’s talk of Trollets Loppis moving to a new and even bigger location soon, so be sure to double check the address before travelling.

Celsiusgatan 40
Weds–Fri noon–6pm, Sat & Sun 11am–3pm



In a big warehouse near Malmö’s main train station you’ll find the sprawling junk shop called Sopstationen (the rubbish station), which is filled with furniture, books and records that have been donated by spring-cleaning locals. Prices are low here, and even if you don’t want to buy you’ll find plenty of quirky objects to keep you interested.

Carlsgatan 16
Mon–Fri 10am–6pm, Sat 11am–4pm


Humana Second Hand

If you’re looking for a new outfit, head to Humana Second Hand at Möllevångsgatan 29b. Dresses, shoes and accessories are carefully curated, making it easy to find what you need – or get inspired if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. As with this shop’s sister outlet in Stockholmall profits go to fighting poverty abroad.

Möllevångsgatan 29b
Mon–Fri 10am–6pm, Sat 11am–5pm, Sun noon–4pm


Beyond Retro

If you want to find Beyond Retro’s vintage outlet in Malmö, you have to know where to go. It’s hidden away in the mini-mall called Mitt Möllan at Claesgatan 8. Beyond Retro has a huge selection of vintage clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. Even though it’s an outlet, prices here are a little higher than at other second-hand stores in Malmö. On the other hand, they’ll almost certainly have something you’ll love.

Claesgatan 8
Mon–Fri 11am–7pm, Sat noon–5pm, Sun noon–4pm



Charity shops run by Emmaus – one of the biggest names in Swedish second-hand stuff – are easy to find in Malmö. The branch at Södra Förstadsgatan features clothes, homeware and books, while the bigger shop in Heleneholm adds furniture, electronics, art and a wide assortment of pots and lamps. Dig carefully and you may be lucky enough to uncover some genuine vintage bargains. There’s a third branch of Emmaus in Kirseberg.

Lantmannagatan 59, Södra Förstadsgatan 69 and Norra Bulltoftavägen 65D
Mon–Fri 10am–6/7pm, Sat 10am–5pm, Sun noon–4pm


BONUS: Drottningtorget open-air flea market

On Sundays during summer, Drottningtorget is crowded with people buying and selling bric-a-brac. This friendly market is arranged by the city council and is always popular, so if you want a chance of grabbing the best bargains it pays to get there early.


Map of second-hand shops in Malmö, Sweden

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