Winterday Hostel

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Abisko's cheapest sleeps


Compared with its sister hostel just across the way, Winterday Hostel can feel a little cramped and chaotic.

On the upside it’s extremely cheap for this part of Swedish Lapland, with prices starting at just 250 SEK per person. If you want to see Abisko and the northern lights as cheaply as possible, this is the hostel for you.

The most affordable option is to stay in one of the six-bed dorms. There are also small two-bed rooms that are well suited to a couple of friends travelling together (the beds inside are bunks).

Winterday Hostel in Abisko

All of the rooms at Winterday Hostel share toilets. Showers are outside in another block, which means it can be a bit of a chilly walk to get washed in the morning. However, the same block also houses a clean, modern sauna with a hot round stove in the middle. Nearby you’ll also find a covered ‘BBQ hut’ – it’s a nice space to hang out with other travellers. For all other meals there’s a basic self-catering kitchen on the ground floor of the main hostel building.

The owners, who also run Hostel Haverskog, offer dog-sledding tours in the local area. You’ll get a 50 SEK discount on each night’s accommodation if you go for the ‘Winterday Package’, which includes a dog-sledding trip plus free use of skis and snowshoes throughout your stay.

Winterday Hostel
Just off Lapportsvägen

+46 980 40103

The prices we were quoted
Dorm bed
250 SEK
Twin room
500 SEK
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Chi Wen Tan
Chi Wen Tan
7 years ago


My friend and I would like to book an accommodation tonight on 16 March till 17 March morning. I would also like to join the morning dog sledding tour.

Can we make such an arrangement? What is the price?

Thank You

Tan Chi Wen