STF hostel Skellefteå

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Run alongside Hotell Skiftsgården and on the same attractive plot of land just west of the city centre, this STF hostel offers some of Skellefteå’s cheapest sleeps.

The red wooden building is quite pokey inside but at least the sleeping areas are warm and cosy. You can choose between a single, twin or triple room – all types are simply furnished, with toilets and showers in the corridor.

If you stay here you’ll have to pay 70 SEK to rent bed sheets, or bring your own. You’ll also need to pay 80 SEK per person for the chance to gobble your way through breakfast in the nearby hotel (and it is great, with lots of healthy options).

STF hostel Skellefteå

All of this means that if you’re travelling as a couple or group of three, you may actually find it cheaper to just stay in the (much nicer) hotel, where bed linen and breakfast are included. Only on weekdays does the hostel work out significantly cheaper.

As with the hotel, there’s plenty of free parking here and it’s around 20 minutes on foot to the city centre’s restaurants. Skellefteå’s photogenic little church town is right on the doorstep.

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STF Hostel Skellefteå
Brännavägen 25

+46 910 725 700

The prices we were quoted
340 SEK
580 SEK
750 SEK


Last updated: February 2015

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