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The fact that there are so many independent record shops in Gothenburg, even in the age of Spotify, says a lot about locals’ love of music.

One street in particular, Andra Långgatan, has a few great record shops all to itself. And one of these places – Dirty Records – doubles up as a decent café.

The back half of the shop is chock-a-block with old vinyl. There’s a bit of everything here, from jazz, metal and grunge to classic film soundtracks, so you’re just as likely to see older folks browsing as you are young students. Deep in among all of the records are a few DVDs, CDs and special box sets too.

Café Santo Domingo in Gothenburg

The other part of the shop, Café Santo Domingo, is taken up by a row of mismatched tables and chairs, where you can sit down and slurp your way through a cup of organic Dominican coffee. It’s served in thick china cups without much ceremony (or even a smile, when we visited) but is strong enough that it fizzes on the tongue. Not keen on all that caffeine? Organic teas are also available.

If the mood takes you, you can grab something to eat here too. Home-baked cakes are displayed on the front counter and there’s always a vegetarian or vegan soup steaming away just behind.

Live music performances also take place inside the shop, usually on Friday evenings. Look out for posters or check the café’s Facebook page for details of upcoming events.

Café Santo Domingo / Dirty Records
Andra Långgatan 4a
Mon–Thurs 9.30am-6.30pm, Fri 9.30am–9pm, Sat 11am–4pm

+46 311 884 83


Last updated: September 2014

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