Planning your trip

Expert advice on planning a trip to Sweden

Need advice on travel insurance for a trip to Sweden? Planning to learn Swedish? Or maybe you’re just wondering how expensive the beer is in Stockholm. This is the part of the Routes North website where we get you up to speed on how things work, so your trip to Sweden goes without a hitch. If you’re wondering about something that’s not covered here, head over to our Sweden forum and post a question there, or read our Sweden FAQs.


Detailed guide to the cost of living in Sweden

Cost of living in Sweden

Sweden has a reputation for being expensive. In many ways it’s deserved, but even with the relatively high cost of…

Swedish midsummer

Midsummer in Sweden: 2023 guide

Dancing, feasting, drinking and a seemingly endless supply of sunlight: there’s a lot to like about Midsummer in Sweden. With…

Sweden wolves guided tour

How to do Sweden on a budget

When you arrive in Scandinavia, you’ll notice that seemingly small purchases add up quickly, putting a strain on your wallet….

The best time to visit Sweden

The best time to visit Sweden

Sweden is blessed with four very distinct seasons, with temperatures hopping from ice cold to pleasantly balmy. But when’s the best time of…

Renting a car in Sweden

Sweden is a great country to drive in, with some of the safest roads in the world. The whole experience…