Where to find cheap beer in Copenhagen

Arrive at Copenhagen Airport and the chances are you’ll be greeted by a giant poster saying: “Welcome to the world’s happiest nation!”. It’s signed by Carlsberg.

It’s true: Danes love their beer and the city’s many bars and bodegas give you the opportunity to find out for yourself if the bubbly stuff really is the key to happiness.

Cheap places to drink beer in Copenhagen, Denmark
(c) Anastasia Shekshnya

The cost of beer in Copenhagen

Of course, like anywhere, the price of beer in Copenhagen varies enormously depending on where you buy it, where you drink it and what sort of beer you choose.

On average, bars in Copenhagen charge around 30 DKK for a bottle of Carlsberg or Tuborg beer (at the time of writing, that’s the equivalent of US $4.50, or £3.30).

A bottle of Gold Tuborg, a stronger version of the pilsner, costs around 35 DKK. If you go for a pint of beer in a proper glass, you’ll end up paying around 55 DKK.

However, there are bars in Copenhagen where the nation’s favourite drink is served at much cheaper prices – and it isn’t just famous Danish brands like Carlsberg and Tuborg that you’ll have to choose from.

Like many European cities, Copenhagen has embraced the craft beer and microbrewery craze. Mikkeller is the city’s best-known microbrewery, and a half-litre draught beer in its flagship bar Mikkeller & Friends will set you back around 50–70 DKK.

This table below gives you a rough idea of what you can expect to pay where.

Type of beer Price
Local lager in a casual bar (500ml) 45 DKK
Glass of craft beer or IPA (500ml) 60 DKK
Bottle of beer in a nightclub (330ml) 60 DKK
Bottle of imported beer in a supermarket (330ml) 17 DKK
Bottle of Danish beer in a supermarket (500ml) 12 DKK

Where to buy beer on a budget

Of course, the cheapest place to buy beer in Copenhagen is from the supermarkets, with chains like Netto, Fakta, Føtex, Aldi and Lidl selling beer for around the same as or even cheaper than in UK supermarkets.

The supermarkets often have special offers too on their beer, though these sell out quickly. Lidl in Copenhagen, for example, is currently selling 330ml cans of their Christmas beer for 3DKK.

And, you don’t have to buy a pricey beer at a bar or café to enjoy sitting in the sunshine along Copenhagen’s iconic Nyhavn, with its colourful waterfront buildings.

Just do what the locals do and buy a cold can at a supermarket or one of kiosks in Nyhavn’s backstreets and sit on the quayside watching the world go by.

Even the notoriously expensive airport has kiosks where you can buy a cool can of Carlsberg to take away for around 15 DKK, rather than the 60 DKK you’ll pay for a Heineken at one of the airport bars (Cock’s & Cows).

Is the Copenhagen Card worth buying?

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Copenhagen’s best bars for budget beer

However, there are bars in Copenhagen where the nation’s favourite drink is served at much cheaper prices – and it isn’t just famous Danish brands like Carlsberg and Tuborg that you’ll have to choose from.

Whether you’re planning a pub crawl or just want to enjoy a cheeky half, these bars should definitely be on your list. They’re not always Copenhagen’s classiest watering holes, but the beer is cheap and the good times usually roll freely.

Benni’s Bar

Enghavevej 61

Cheap beer in Copenhagen
(c) Anastasia Shekshnya

At this small smoky Vesterbro bodega you can get a Wiibroe Pilsner for just 18 DKK, or a Tuborg or Carlsberg for 20–25 DKK.

If you come early in the evening you’ll probably see just one local barfly, but the place eventually gets crowded and lively. There’s even an ashtray in the bathroom, for those who like multitasking.


Billy Booze

Kattesundet 6

Billy Booze is a cheap place to get a beer in Copenhagen
(c) Anastasia Shekshnya

Billy Booze, at the name suggests (billy is an anglicism of billig, which means cheap), offers some of the cheapest drinks in town and is – quite understandably – rather proud of it.

You can get a small draught classic Tuborg for just 15 DKK. All-day on Monday-Thursday, and from 8–11pm on Fridays and Saturdays, they run a red price promotion, when large Tuborgs (green and classic), Carlsberg and Kronenbourg 1664 all cost 25 DKK.

This bar is right off the main shopping street, Strøget, where most bars are usually pricey and posh. The atmosphere at Billy Booze is quite the opposite: red faux-leather couches, top-20 tunes and low-cut vests.


Eiffel Bar

Wildersgade 58

Eiffel bar is a cheap place to drink beer in Copenhagen
(c) Anastasia Shekshnya

This popular bar in Christianshavn has been serving up drinks to thirsty locals for over 50 years. It’s inspired by Paris, but you won’t find any fancy wine or stinky cheeses here – just good old regular pilsner and a vaguely French-themed interior.

The bar stays open til 3am, and during the day you can enjoy an Eiffel beer for only 18 DKK. After 5pm, the price is 22 DKK.

A bit of a local institution, this small smokey bar is always packed in the evenings, especially at the weekends. It’s a good spot to visit if you’re travelling alone and want to spark up a conversation with random strangers.



Istegade 126

Mc Kluud is a western-themed bar in Copenhagen
(c) Anastasia Shekshnya

Another classic bar and the favourite destination for many penny-pinching drinkers is McKluud, on Istegade. This time the decor is Western-inspired, with sheriff stars, animal skulls and snug leather drinking booths with wooden tables.

Step inside and the chances are you’ll see people playing dice games or pool. The prices are average (25 DKK for a bottle of beer), but you also have the option to get an ale instead of plain old pilsner. Like most dive bars in Copenhagen, smoking is allowed inside.


Heidi’s Bier Bar

Vestergade 18A

Heidi's bar in Copenhagen
(c) Anastasia Shekshnya

Heidi welcomes you with open arms at this German-inspired bar for a cosy ‘apres ski’-style drink. All draught beers cost 29 DKK from Sunday to Thursday (until midnight), while on Friday all drinks are half-price from 2pm–10pm.

Heidi’s has a greater selection of international and local brews than most cheap bars in the city, so it’s definitely worth a look. Stop in on a Thursday if you fancy joining in the weekly beer-pong tournament!



Larsbjørnsstræde 10

This bar is a bit rough and ready – expect graffiti on the walls and a very smoky basement area, where things occasionally get quite boisterous.

The low prices keep us coming back, though; during the weekend happy hour from 10–11pm, you can get two Gold Tuborgs for just 27 DKK.


Den Glade Gris

Lille Kannikestræde 3

Cheap places to drink, Copenhagen
(c) Anastasia Shekshnya

Close to pretty much everything, this is a good place to go to as a group, especially if you plan on heading somewhere else later on.

Drinks are half-price on Friday and Saturday nights before midnight, and all night from Tuesday to Thursday, so a Tuborg, Carlsberg or Kronenbourg will set you back just 25 DKK.

Note: you have to be at least 20 years old to get in, and in winter they make you pay to leave your coat at the door.


Café Dyrehaven

Sønder Blvd. 72

With wood-panelled walls and cosy booths, this local spot is a great place to grab a beer, coffee or something simple to eat, without breaking the bank.

A small draught or bottled beer will set you back 25 DKK, a small price to pay for the chance to sit at one of the outdoor tables and watch the world go by along the lively Sønder Blvd.



Fabriksområde 52, Christiania

Nemoland in Christiana is a great place for a budget beer in Copenhagen
Jorge Franganillo

In the legendary freetown of Christiania, Nemoland is an atmospheric place to come for cheap food and beer, and a smoke, of course, if you fancy it.

You can sit inside and play board games or billiards and listen to music, or head outside into the garden to chill on a summer’s evening.

Beers are cheap, with bottles of Tuborg, Carlsberg and the locally-brewed Christiana Thy beer at 25 DKK. You can even try a hemp beer, though this will set you back a pricier 40 DKK.


Din Nye Ven – Studiestræde

Skt Peders Stræde 34

If you’re looking for a small cosy place with affordable drinks, Din Nye Ven is going to be – as the name says in Danish – ‘your new friend’. Located in the boho Latin Quarter, it’s an intimate little café.

A bottle of their house beer costs just 25 DKK and there’s a slightly pricier food menu. Definitely the classiest place on the list.


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