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Most of Lund’s accommodation options are east of the train station in the lively downtown area.

Cross over to the other side of the tracks and you’ll find yourself in a quiet, mostly residential neighbourhood that’s home to some big detached villas.

Inside one of these – a pretty green-blue house with terracotta roof tiles – is the B&B called Check Inn. It’s a relaxed place to spend the night, with clean and comfortable rooms that easily give some of Lund’s pricier hotels a run for their money. And although there’s not much happening on this side of town, it’s not too much of a walk to get back into the centre.

Check Inn Lund

The four rooms in the main villa each come with wooden floors, a big flatscreen TV, a good-sized desk, and a large bathroom with a roomy shower cubicle. Clean, white sheets make the plump beds look nice and inviting.

There’s also a small annexe just behind main building, which houses a fifth guest room. When we visited, a third building was nearing completion on the same plot of land. There aren’t any single rooms here but the doubles are available for solo travellers at a slightly reduced rate.

The friendly owners Milla and Klas also run Winstrup Hostel and Hotell Oskar, which are both within a short walk of each other on the other side of the train line.

If you’re looking for a quiet place to stay and would rather not share a dorm (or pay top whack for a hotel in the centre), Check Inn is definitely worth a look.

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Last updated: June 2015

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