Is Sweden safe?

One of the best things about visiting Sweden is that it is an incredibly safe country to travel around in. Violent crime is extremely uncommon and muggings (although not unheard of) are thankfully very rare.

That said, there is always a small risk that you could be a victim of crime, so it pays to take some basic precautions and take heed of the latest travel advice. The British government’s FCO website has a page dedicated to Sweden that’s kept up to date with information on the latest happenings. If you’re travelling to Sweden from the US, try the Department of State’s advice page.

Apart from the advice you’ll find on those sites, there are some general rules worth following to make sure you stay out of trouble. In large cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, keep an eye on your personal belongings – there are frequent reports of pickpocketing and bag snatching, particularly in busy areas like Gamla Stan (Stockholm’s old town).

Thefts from hostel and hotel rooms are rare but you should always keep valuables like laptops and passports locked away; use the safe if there is one. If you’re staying in hostels, it’s worth buying a padlock – more often than not, lockers are provided but you’ll need your own lock to secure them. Bear in mind that fellow travellers could be tempted to steal from you too.

Take care when travelling home at night. Swedish cities are very safe, but females travelling alone should keep their wits about them – never leave drinks unattended and always stick to well-lit areas when walking home.

Travelling in Swedish Lapland presents its own set of dangers, especially in winter when the weather can change quickly, with high winds and snow drifts becoming a real possibility. Dress for wet, windy, freezing temperatures and carry a mobile phone (and adequate supplies) in case you get stranded. Trips into wilderness areas should only be undertaken with the correct clothing and preparation, and ideally as part of a guided trip. Our guide to driving in Sweden has tips on getting around safely by car.



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