Will I find vegetarian/vegan food in Sweden?

While a lot of traditional Swedish food is heavy on meat and fish, vegetarians and vegans are now well catered for – in most parts of the country, at least. There are restaurants specialising in veggie-friendly food in most big cities, and in the trendiest parts of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö vegan food is easy to come by.

Regardless of where you are in the country, most restaurants have at least one or two vegetarian dishes on their menus, marked with the usual ‘V’ symbol on menus. Vegans may have a trickier time finding full dishes they can eat, but it’s almost always possible to put together a few side dishes and eat them as a full meal.

Generally speaking, southern Sweden is a lot more welcoming to vegans and veggies. Northern cuisine tends to focus more on meat, fish and cheese, but there’s also a lot of berries and crispbread to go around. In most cities (particularly southern Swedish cities like Malmö and Lund), you can get your hands on an excellent falafel wrap for less than 50 SEK.

When it comes to shopping, Swedish supermarkets offer plenty of meat- and dairy-free food. Larger stores have sections devoted to vegan-friendly food, and you’ll find meat replacements like Quorn in almost every frozen food aisle. Tofu is usually available too. Specialist shops offering organic ingredients and gluten- and dairy-free products are increasingly common too, but tend to be on the pricey side.



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