Do I need padlock for Swedish hostels?

Crime isn’t a big problem in Swedish hostels but that doesn’t mean you should head out drinking and leave your shiny new laptop lying around on your bunk.

Most decent hostels in Sweden provide lockers for you to keep your valuables in but these rarely come with locks. A good solution is to bring a small padlock with you from home (if the hook-shaped bit is too fat it probably won’t fit the locker). Combination locks like this one are handy as you won’t have to worry about keeping track of a key when you’re out having fun. These locks are also TSA-approved, so you can use them to keep your backpack safe when flying.

Plenty of hostels sell padlocks at the front desk – if yours doesn’t, try a homeware shop like Clas Ohlson; these are found in most big Swedish towns and cities.



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