Will I find gluten- and lactose-free food in Sweden?

Most Swedish restaurants now add dietary information to their menus, making it easy to pick out the dishes you can eat. Meals that are gluten-free (glutenfri) are increasingly common; some places also do lactose-free (laktosfri) food.

Veggies are well catered for at most places in southern Sweden, as well as an increasing number of places up north (look for the usual ‘V’ symbol on the menu).

Specialist shops selling gluten-free food are popping up all over the place, and often these will also offer a whole host of other products, including lactose-free milk and organic Swedish vegetables. These places tend to be quite expensive, so if you can, call in at a regular supermarket – most big ones have a reasonable selection.

Need to avoid certain foods? Any decent restaurant will be able to provide you with allergy information and the best ones will be able to change dishes to suit your needs, or at least offer a suitable alternative.



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