Are bedbugs a problem in Sweden?

Bedbugs are a growing problem all over the world, and lodgings in Sweden are certainly not immune. Even at really top-end hotels, there is a chance you could end up sharing your bed with the little critters and waking up covered in itchy bites. Contrary to what you may have heard, they don’t only take up residence in cheap and dirty places.

But – and this is a big but – an encounter with bedbugs is still quite unlikely. In all the years we’ve been travelling in Sweden, we’ve yet to see a bedbug infestation. And trust us: our research has taken us to some pretty ropey places. Of course there is always a risk that there will be bugs present, but you shouldn’t let the worry of getting bitten affect where you choose to stay. But obviously, if you’ve heard that a place has bedbugs, it’s worth steering clear.

There are a couple of things you can do to minimise your chances of a nasty encounter when travelling. Check the bed linen for blood stains or bugs when you arrive (and check under the mattress too if possible, as they tend to hide in dark crevices). If you find anything that looks suspicious, ask for a different room – failing that, you could always ask for a refund.

Wherever you stay, it’s worth keeping your bags and clothing away from the bed throughout your stay. That way, even if you do get bitten during the night, there’s less chance that you’ll transport any bugs or eggs home. And let’s face it: an infested house or apartment is the last souvenir you want from your trip to Sweden.



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