Is Sweden in Europe?

Sweden is located in Scandinavia and just like its nearest neighbours (Norway, Denmark and Finland) it’s very much a part of Europe. Sweden might only have a relatively small population but in terms of sheer land mass, it’s one of the continent’s biggest countries.

Sweden joined the EU in 1995 and it remains a part of the Schengen Area. This means that it’s usually possible to cross into Sweden from nearby countries without showing your passport. However, in response to recent concerns over the level of migration, passport checks have now been reinstated at many crossings.

Despite being a part of the European Union, Sweden remains outside the eurozone. The country held a referendum on joining the euro back in 2003, but a majority of the population decided not to adopt the single currency. As a result, Sweden still has its own currency, called the krona.

Many Swedes still view Europe favourably and – at the time of writing, at least – there’s little chance of Sweden leaving the EU.



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