Finding long-term accommodation in Sweden

There are a few main options when it comes to finding long-term rental accommodation in Sweden. If you’re planning to stay for a month or two, the easiest approach is to check out these rental homes or visit Airbnb, where you’ll find flats and houses available for extended periods of time.

There’s a good spread of accommodation across the country, from detached houses in the north to one-bedroom flats in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

A more permanent (and much more difficult) solution is to try and rent a flat from a Swedish person. As the housing market in Sweden is heavily over-subscribed, especially in major cities, you may have a difficult time finding somewhere to stay. It’s not unusual for locals to ‘queue’ for years – or even decades – before being able to rent a flat. Being a foreign national rather than a native Swede will only make things harder.

That said, if you’re persistent or have a local who can help you navigate the complexities of renting in Sweden, you may be able to get lucky. Sites such as Blocket (available in Swedish only) list properties available for rent. The English-language website Residensportalen is less active but still lists a good selection of properties and allows you to narrow down listings that match your budget.

Students have an easier time renting in Sweden; certain apartment blocks are purpose-built for uni students. The SGS website has info on applying. For short-term accommodation, try sites like Airbnb and

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