Folkets Park

Malmö has some really lovely parks, whose lakeside paths and rambling gardens are surprisingly tranquil. Folkets Park (the People’s Park) doesn’t really fall into the same category – it’s a busy urban park, and is often packed with people.

Folkets Park in Malmö

And really, that’s the point. Sweden’s Social Democrat party bought the park from a private owner in 1891 and then opened it up for the people of Malmö, creating a green space that everyone could enjoy.

Today there’s a decent amount of stuff to see and do in the park, especially if you have young kids. During the summertime, little ones can hop about on bouncy castles and race borrowed tricycles around tiny racecourses. There’s a crazy-golf course at the middle of the park, and stages dotted around the place put on family-friendly performances.

Malmö’s small reptile centre, Terrarium, is also located within Folkets Park (entry 80 SEK). It has 500 square metres of indoor jungle, giant tortoises and – strangely – a cute little kangaroo.

Moriskan, a concert venue in Malmö's Folkets Park

Folkets Park isn’t only for kids. Moriska Paviljongen, the oriental-style pavilion that was built near the centre of the park in 1902, remains one of the city’s best places to catch a gig. Club nights also take place here too – see the website for listings (Swedish only).



Getting there

Buses 5 and 32 run to Malmö Folkets Park from just outside the train station. The journey takes less than 10 minutes.

Folkets Park
Just off Amiralsgatan

+46 203 445 00
Mon–Fri 7am–late, Sat & Sun 8am–late


Last updated: October 2014

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