Things to see and do in Malmö

With a long weekend you should be able to see most of Malmö’s main attractions. Spend a week or more here and you’ll have time to explore the surrounding beaches plus some of the city’s parks and the up-and-coming areas south of the centre near Möllevångstorget.

Stortorget in Malmö, Sweden


Malmö’s main square – Stortorget – is a gaping great space right at the centre of the city. A meeting…

St Petri Kyrka, Malmö

St Petri Kyrka

The oldest church still in use in Malmö, St Petri Kyrka is a real feast for the eyes. Well – from the outside it is, anyway…

Malmö travel guide

Turning Torso

As the tallest building in Scandinavia, the fantastical twisting skyscraper known as the Turning Torso should really be one of…

Moriskan, a concert venue in Malmö's Folkets Park

Folkets Park

Malmö has some really lovely parks, whose lakeside paths and rambling gardens are surprisingly tranquil. Folkets Park (the People’s Park)…

Lilla Torg in Malmö

Lilla Torg

Compared with Stortorget, Malmö’s enormous main plaza, Lilla Torg (“Little Square”) feels positively quaint. Wonky, half-timbered…

Map of things to see and do in Malmö