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Lord Nelson is a skinny, maritime-themed hotel located among the gift shops and clothing stores of Västerlånggatan, in a very touristy part of Gamla Stan.

It’s the cheapest of three unusual Gamla Stan properties that form the Collector’s Hotels chain. And just like its sister hotels – Lady Hamilton and Victory Hotel – it’s full of antiques and maritime bric-a-brac.

Huge sections of the place are given over to paintings and ornaments depicting the British admiral Lord Nelson which the marine-obsessed owners have amassed over the years. Even the building’s floors are divided into ‘decks’ – the reception area, for example, is happily known as the poop deck.

Lord Nelson hotel in Stockholm

Single rooms are the most common type of accommodation here, and are more like little cabins – they’re very, very small and the wooden furniture in the one we looked at was a bit scuffed and old-fashioned. Double rooms are a little bigger, but there’s still not much in the way of cat-swinging space.

On the positive side, everything at Lord Nelson is clean and tidy, and there’s a real historic atmosphere to the corridors and public areas. Guests can bring their own wine up to the rooftop terrace, which has views of Gamla Stan’s rooftops, and there are nice hardbound books to borrow – either from the rooms or from the hotel’s small library.

If you stay here you’re also able to use the sauna and plunge pool just across the road at Lady Hamilton – ask at reception.

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Lord Nelson Hotel
Västerlånggatan 22
Gamla Stan

+46 850 640 120

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