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Cheap sleeps in box-like rooms

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Modelling itself as ‘lean luxe’, this budget hotel opposite the train station has two types of room to choose from. One type is slightly larger than the other, but both feel very, very compact.

At just 10 square metres, the smaller rooms at Moment Hotels are miniscule. This is real bed-in-a-box stuff: you won’t have much room to spread your stuff out but the spaces are actually really well planned. There are power outlets by the beds, for example, and the toilet, sink and shower are all squeezed into one corner.

Moment Hotels in Malmö

Blue, scoop-shaped armchairs and a few extra square metres of floor space are the rewards for choosing one of the bigger rooms, which cost 200 SEK more per night.

Breakfast is included with both room types. When the season allows, you might get to try some of the ingredients that are grown in the hotel’s courtyard.

For a quick dose of caffeine before you hit the town head for the lobby, which has chequerboard floors and walls that are decorated with black-and-white pictures of saxophonists. Free coffee and tea is available throughout the day.

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Last updated: October 2014

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