Norwegian boy names: 120 fun male names from Norway

Looking for an unusual name for your baby boy? Why not check out some cute Norwegian boy names?

Choosing a Norwegian name for your baby boy is a fun idea!

Norwegian boy names tend to have tall, blond, healthy and sporty connotations – and who wouldn’t want that for their newborn baby boy? 

Some traditional Norwegian boy names have their roots in the natural world, while others come from Nordic mythology.

In this post we’ll share some of the most popular Norwegian boy names (using official stats to back things up), and also let you know about some more unusual Norwegian boy names. Where we can, we’ve provided meanings for each of the names too.

Top Norwegian boy names
Norwegian boy names and their meanings
Classic Norwegian boys names
Unusual Norwegian boy names
Famous Norwegian boys names
The cultural significance of classic Norwegian names
Pronunciation of Norwegian boys’ names
Norwegian dog names
120 Norwegian boy names names (A–Z)

Top Norwegian boy names

If you want some idea of what Norwegians are calling their baby boys, here’s a list of the top ten most popular Norwegian boy names.

  1. Lucas/Lukas
  2. Noah/Noa
  3. Isak/Isac/Isaac
  4. Oliver
  5. Kasper/Casper
  6. Elias
  7. Emil
  8. Jakob/Jacob
  9. Oskar/Oscar
  10. Theodor/Teodor

And this is the number of boys who were given that name in 2023 (the last full year for which official statistics are available).

Boys nameNumber of boys given that name in 2023

Classic Norwegian boys names

If none of the above take your fancy, why not look at some of the more traditional Norwegian boy names.

Some of the classic Norwegian boy names are pretty unusual outside of Norway itself today and are surely ripe for a comeback!

So, here are the top ten most popular Norwegian boy names across all generations in Norway, as of 2023


Norwegian boy names and their meanings

The best Norwegian boy names not only sound good, but have appealing and interesting meanings and origins.

So we’ve checked out what the top ten Norwegian boys’ names mean and why you should choose them.

A Norwegian boy name suggests a healthy, outdoors lifestyle.
Nicolette Attree (CC)


The origins of the name Noah are fairly obvious – it’s a Hebrew name that comes from the bible.

It means “rest” or “repose” and is an increasingly popular name for boys throughout Europe and the US. In fact, it regularly ranks as the most picked boys’ name in the world!

The original Noah was considered to be such a good, perfect person that he was chosen by God to repopulate the earth after the great flood – so a great role model for a baby boy!


A perennial favourite name, Oliver derives from the old Norse name Áleifr, which means “ancestor’s descendent.” 

It also has Latin and French roots, which come the word meaning “olive tree”.  

There are lots of cool Norwegian names for boys

The best-known Nordic Oliver is the rally driver Oliver Solberg, son of the Swedish rally driver Pernilla Walfridsson and the Norwegian driver Petter Solberg, who was World Rally Champion in 2003.


The name Lukas has Greek origins and means “the man from Luciana” (a region of southern Italy). It also has Latin roots which mean “bringer of light”.

The Urban Dictionary has Lukas as a fun-loving, handsome, clever guy!


Of Hebrew origin, the name Isak or Isaac has a great derivation – it means “to laugh” or “rejoice”. And who wouldn’t want that for their baby boy?

Unsurprisingly, it’s a popular choice throughout Europe and the US, with Isaac Newton topping the most famous Isaac list. Though Norwegian footballer Isak Hansen-Aarøen, who currently plays with Manchester United’s under 21s team is one to watch!


Popular throughout Scandinavia, the name Aksel comes from the Hebrew name Absolom meaning the “father is peace”.

Emminent Norwegian Aksels have included politicians Aksel Zachariassen and Aksel Hagen, the yacht-racing navigator Aksel Magdahl, the alpine skier Aksel Lund Svindal, and  the actor/director Aksel Hennie.


The male version of Emily, the popular Germanic name Emil is actually of Latin origin. Its means “to strive or excel”, or “rival”, so is a fitting name for Norwegian martial artist, Emil Weber Meek.


Filip/Philip/Fillip/Phillip are all variations of the Greek name Philippos, which means “horse lover.” Filip is the most common form seen in the Scandinavian countries. 

Norwegian boy names have a sporty, outdoors connotation
Norwegian boy names have a sporty, outdoors connotation

It makes a great name for any animal lovers, as well as those with a sporty bent, such as Norwegian footballers Filip Brattbakk and Filip Rønningen Jørgensen and runner Filip Ingebrigtsen.


The Scandinavian version of the Hebrew name Jacob, Jakob is a popular choice that means “he who supplants”. 

An apt name for the Norwegian runner Jakob Ingebrigtsen (brother of Filip Ingebrigtsen), who won gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in the 1500 metres!


The Germanic name William comes from the words wil (will or desire) and helm (helmet or protection), and is generally taken to mean “resolute protector”.

The name has had royal connections throughout the ages, from William the Conqueror through Prince Wilhelm of Sweden and Norway to the UK’s current Prince William.


Teodor is the Norwegian version of the classic Greek name Theodor, which means “gift of god”. 

It comes from the ancient Greek theós, meaning “god” and  dôron, meaning “gift”. Often abbreviated to Theo, it’s a good choice for a much-wanted child.

Unusual Norwegian boy names

And if you’re looking something completely different, you’ll need to search further down the list of the top 100 Norwegian boy names to find some unique Norwegian boy names.  

Some more unusual options include Dag (which means “day”), the Old Norse name Ingolf (which means “Wolf god”) or Jarl (which means “nobleman” or “chieftain”).

If you’d prefer something more regal, why not try Olav (“relic” or “ancestor’s heritage”), who was King of Norway Olav V (1957–1991) – although the name is perhaps better known today as the snowman from Frozen

Haakon is a regal Norwegian boy name that means "the highest son".
Crown Prince Haakon of Norway / World Economic Forum (CC)

Alternatively Haakon is another royal name, which means “the highest son” and was often given to the heir to the throne. It’s the name of the current Crown Prince of Norway (born 1973), and may well see an increase in popularity when he becomes king.

And one of our favourite Norwegian boy names is Roald, which means “fame”, “ruler” or “leader”. This very apt name is shared by two eminent Norwegians, the children’s author Roald Dahl and the explorer Roald Amundsen.

But if some of these suggestions are a bit too out-there for a first name, you could always choose a Norwegian middle name for your boy, so that he has the option to use it when, or if, he wants!

Famous Norwegian boys names

If you’re looking an instantly recognisable Norwegian boys’ name, how about Oscar? (You can spell it ‘Oskar’ for a more Nordic twist.) 

Just outside the top ten of the most popular names, Oscar has Celtic and Old Norse roots. The Norse version is a corruption of the name Ásgeirr, which means “the spear of god”.

It’s been a popular choice throughout the ages in Norway, with two kings – Oscar I and II of Sweden and Norway – and a prime minister, Oscar Fredrik Torp (who was the premier from 1951–55) holding the name.

Other famous Oscars include Oscar Wilde and Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street!

Two of the best-known Norwegians of all time share the name Edvard – the painter Edvard Munch (of The Scream fame) and the composer Edvard Grieg.

Despite its strong Norwegian associations, it’s actually from Old English origins. It comes from the Anglo-Saxon words ēad (meaning “wealth”) and weard (meaning “guardian”) and means “the protector of wealth”.

Old fashioned Norwegian names

The Norwegian name Knut comes from the Old Norse word knútr, which means “knot”. Its has historical significance as the name of the well-known Viking King Knut of Denmark, Norway and England. 

Bjorn is a classic Norwegian name that means “bear”. In the past, it was a popular choice for baby boys that suggests cuteness and strength at the same time!

The classic name Per is a variation of Peter and means “stone” or “rock”. It’s a traditional name deriving from nature that suggests strength and fidelity.

Svein is another classic Old Norse name. It means “young man” or “warrior” and was often given to sons of soldiers or royalty who were expected to flight for their country.

Or what about Lars, which means “crowned with laurels”? This refers to a wreath made of laurel leaves which was traditionally given to the winner of a race or contest. This suggests that a child named Lars will have success in life!

Pronunciation of Norwegian boys’ names

On the whole, Norwegian boys names are not tricky for English-speakers to pronounce. Many of them are said just as they are written, but with a Norwegian flair, of course!

Filip, Emil and Aksel, for example, are all pronounced as you would expect. Others, however, are harder to pronounce!

Ole, for example is not pronounced like “hole” but without the “h”. In fact, it sounds more like the Spanish word “Ola”!

And Lars is pronounced “Larsh”, with a “sh” sound at the end.

Remember too that the letter “j” is pronounced like a “y” in names such as Jacob and Jan.

Why not choose a cute Norwegian boy name for your dog?
Sigrid.c via Wikipedia (CC)

Norwegian dog names

Alternatively, you could a choose Norwegian boy name for your dog, so that you can be as outlandish as you dare – the dog won’t mind!

Some popular options include Loki (after the Marvel trickster god), Arne (meaning “eagle”), Enok (meaning “faithful”), the old Norse name Balder (meaning “prince”), and Bjorn (which means “bear”).

120 Norwegian boy names names (A-Z)

And if you’re still not sure which Norwegian boys name to choose, here are some more ideas. 

Check out this alphabetical list of the 120 top Norwegian boy names, including true classics and some more modern options!

Aage Alf Andreas
Arne Arvid Axel
Bård Bent Bjarte
Bjørn Brage Carl
Dag Daniel Edvard
Egil Einar Eirik
Eldar Emil Endre
Erik Even Felix
Fredrik Frode Gaute
Geir Gunnar Gustav
Håkon Halvard Hans
Harald Henrik Herman
Inge Isak Jan
Jens Jo Johan
Johannes Jon Jonas
Jørgen Kai Kalle
Karl Kasper Ketil
Kim Knut Kristian
Kyrre Lars Leif
Ludvig Mads Magnus
Marius Martin Mathias
Mats Mikkel Morten
Nikolai Odd Ola
Olav Ole Oscar
Osvald Otto Pål
Peder Petter Ragnar
Rolf Runar Sigurd
Simen Sindre Steinar
Stian Svein Thomas
Thor Tor Torbjørn
Tord Trond Trygve
Ulf Ulrik Vegard
Vidar Vilhelm Vincent
Øystein Øyvind Åge

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Bjorn Olson
Bjorn Olson
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Loki was a Norwegian name well before Marvel. He’s a figure from Scandinavian mythology.