Cool male Viking names and their meanings

Choosing a Viking name for your baby boy is very on trend at the moment. If you want a name for your newborn that suggests strength, courage, bravery and is just all-round cool, then a male Viking name could be for you.

Choosing a Viking name for your son is seriously cool!
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But, what name to choose and how do you know what it means? We’ve checked out some kick-ass male Viking names and their meanings. So, read on for our top twenty cool male Viking names.

Where do male Viking names come from?

Boy Viking names come from a variety of sources. Some male Viking warrior names derive from Norse mythology, with male Viking gods’ names being particularly popular. Others are Viking pagan names, while others still are inspired by the natural world, such as  Bjørn and Ulf.

And of course, the popular TV series The Vikings and the Marvel superhero films have catapulted names such Loki and Thor into the public imagination. 

But whatever the origins, strong male Viking names are a great choice for your newborn.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration for your baby boy’s name, check out our favourite old Viking names for males, where they come from and what they mean.

And if fancy giving yourself a Viking name too, you can have some fun with this Viking male names generator

Popular Viking names for boys and their meanings

You may be looking for Viking male warrior names, Norse god names, or names that derive from the natural world. Whichever it is, we’ve checked out some good male Viking names and their meanings to inspire you.

Why not choose a cool Viking name for your baby boy?
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This popular Viking name comes from the Old Norse word Ǫrn, which means “eagle”.  As well as being a beautiful bird, this name has connotations of being a high-flyer and successful in life.

Probably the best-known Arne is Arne Jacobsen, the Danish architect, who designed the iconic egg chair and Copenhagen’s Royal Hotel, a Mecca for minimalists and modernists.


Do you want a name for your baby boy that has cuddly and cute connotations, but also suggests bravery and strength? Why not choose the name Old Norse name Bjørn (or Björn), which means “bear”? 

In Norse mythology, Bjørn Ironside was a legendary Viking chief, the King of Kattegat and son of Ragnar Loðbrok, while more contemporary Bjørns include the Swedish tennis player Björn Borg and the musician Björn Ulvaeus from Abba.


The Old Norse name Erik means “absolute ruler”. 

The explorer Erik Thorvaldsson, better known as Erik the Red due to the colour of his hair and beard, featured in the Icelandic sagas and founded the first Viking settlement on Greenland in the tenth century.


Frode comes the Old Norse name Fróði, which means “wise clever and learned”. A good choice for a baby boy, we think!


Gorm is an Old Norse name that means “he who worships god”. 

We know it’s a genuine Viking name as Gorm the Old had a rune stone carved and erected in memory of his wife Thyra at Jelling in Denmark. 

The Jelling Stone commemorates Gorm the Old, a good Viking name.
Jelling stone / Niels Elgaard Larsen (CC)

Gorm’s son Harald Bluetooth (see below) had a second larger stone carved and erected next to it to commemorate both his parents and his own conquest of Denmark and Norway.

You can still visit the Jelling Stones today – for more on these and other Viking sites in modern-day Denmark, click here.


The name Halfdan means literally “half Danish”, so could be a good choice for a baby boy with one Danish parent!

The Danish king Halfdan was one of the leaders who invaded England in 865–6 and captured the city of York.


Aptly meaning “lord and ruler”, Harald is the name of the Viking king Harald Bluetooth, who conquered Denmark and Norway and succeeded in converting Denmark to Christianity in the tenth century. 

Bluetooth technology was named after Harald as its inventors felt that Bluetooth would unite the world as Harald united the warring tribes of Denmark. The Bluetooth symbol is based on a merging of his runic initials, H () and B ().  


Meaning “bow warrior” or “archer”, Ivar is another name that has been made popular by the TV series The Vikings.

In Norse mythology, Ivar the Boneless was the son of Ragnar Loðbrok and his wife Aslaug, and went on to invade England and Ireland.


Knud, or Knut, means “knot”. “Knut the Great”, the eleventh-century king of Denmark, England and Norway, is best known for allegedly attempting to control the tides.    

Viking names for names for boys suggest suggest strength, bravery and cool!
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Kåre is a cute name with Old Norse origins that means “curly” or “curvy”. It makes a  good choice for a boy with curly hair!   


The Viking name Leif means “beloved” or “descendant”, and aptly so since Leif Ericsson was the son of the famous Viking explorer Erik the Red (see above). Leif then went on to be an explorer himself, setting foot on America centuries before Columbus did.


The name Loki actually means “airy”, but has now become synonymous with the trickster god or god of mischief from Norse mythology.

Played by a menacing Tom Hiddlestone, Loki in the Marvel Thor and Avengers films is a mischievous character, who causes trouble for his adopted brother Thor.


Magnus means “great” so is certainly a good option for a baby boy’s name.

In Viking mythology, Magnus was the son of Ragnar and there are several Scandinavian kings with the name, including Magnus Barefoot and Magnus the Good.


The Viking name Odin means “frenzy”, “rage” or “poetic inspiration”.

In Norse mythology, Odin was the god of war, poetry, and magic, and was considered one of the strongest gods. So, Odin was strong, cultured and wise – a pretty inspiring name for a baby boy!


Meaning “warrior”, “judgement” or “keeper of the fort”, Ragnar is an Old Norse name that has regained popularity due the legendary ninth-century Viking leader Ragnar Loðbrok from the TV series The Vikings.

His many adventures include fighting a dragon, killing a snake and setting off to invade Britain with just two ships.

Ragnar Loðbrok is a cool Viking name!
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Of Norse origins, the name Sigurd means “guardian of victory”. In Norse mythology, the legendary Viking warrior Sigurd Snake-in-the-eye killed a dragon and is thought to have been king of Denmark in the ninth century.


A niche choice we know, but if your baby boy is born with dimples why not consider calling him Skade?

It means “with a cleft chin” – which was considered a good omen in Old Norse times! 


With its origins in Norse mythology, the name Thor means “strength, thunder and war”. The god of war, thunder and lightening, Thor was the son of Odin and a popular god. 

The name has seen a rise in popularity since the Thor and Avengers films, in which the god was played by muscle-bound heart-throb Chris Hemsworth.


The Viking name Trygve comes from the Old Norse word tryggr, that means  “true” and “trustworthy”  – great attributes for a baby boy!


If you want a name that suggests cuddly, clever and athletic, how about the Viking name Ulf, which means “wolf” in Old Norse?

Famous Ulfs include the Swedish chess player Ulf Andersson and the Nobel price winner Ulf von Euler.

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