Cool female Viking names and their meanings

Viking names for girls are pretty popular right now, and if you want to give your newborn daughter a strong feisty name, a female Viking name could be a great choice.

Strong female names were popular with the Vikings
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Good female Viking names tend to suggest independence and strength as well as intelligence, and who wouldn’t those for their baby girl?

We’ve researched some cool female Viking names and their meanings, to give you a hand with choosing some good strong female Viking names for your newborn.

Where do female Viking names come from?

Viking names for girls have many different origins. There are female Viking warrior names, which come from the Old Norse Valkyries, also known as “shield warriors”.

In Old Norse mythology these were the brave and beautiful maidens who served Thor and chose which warriors would be killed on the battlefield and which would be saved. These powerful Viking female warriors names include Brynhildr, Gunnr, Herfjötur, Alruna and Gondul.

Other old Viking names originate from female Viking goddess names. So why not take inspiration from Norse goddess names such as Freyja, Idun, Frigg, Skadi, Sif, and Hel?

And, of course, the popular TV series The Vikings has provided inspiration for some girl Viking names, such as Porunn, Aslaug, Helga, Lagertha and Siggy.

Popular Viking names for girls and their meanings

We’ve picked out some of favourite female Viking names and looked into what they mean and where they come from. So, if you like the idea of a strong female Viking name for your newborn daughter and want to know what it means, here are our top twenty favourite Viking names for girls.


The name Åse comes from the Old Norse meaning”god-like” or “goddess”.


Astrid was a popular name in Viking times and is still in widespread use today. It’s a favourite name amongst Scandinavian royalty, which included Princess Astrid of Sweden, who went onto become Queen of Belgium, and Princess Astrid of Norway.

Chose a female Viking name for your newborn
The Viking name Astrid means “divinely beautiful” / GioeleFazzeri (CC)

The name means “divinely beautiful”, though some sources suggest that it comes from the Old Norse for “godly strength”. Other famous Astrids include Norwegian singer Astrid S and the Swedish author of the much-loved Pippi Longstocking books, Astrid Lindgren.


If you want your daughter to grow up a strong leader, why not name her Bodil? It’s a pretty Norse name which means “commander”, “battle” or “fighting woman”.


In Norse mythology, Freya was one of most important of the Norse goddesses, and the wife of Odr. Some sources suggest that Odr was, in fact, Odin and Freya was his wife Frigg – though this a less appealing girls’ name for English speakers!

Either way, Freya was the goddess of fertility, beauty, love and war, and the name Freya means “lady”.


Written Fríða in Scandinavian, the name Frida means “peace”. Famous Fridas include Swedish singer Frida Lyngstad from Abba and the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.


Popular throughout the Nordic countries, Gertrud (or Gertrude) is an Old Norse name which means “spear” or “strength”. In Norse mythology, Gertrud was a goddess who turns into a bird and, of course, Shakespeare named Hamlet’s mother Gertrude.

There were also two saints called Gertrude – Gertrude the Great, who was known for her kindness and gentleness as well as being the patron saint of travellers and gardeners, while Saint Gertude was the patron saint of cats.


The popular Scandinavian name Gudrun derives from the Old Norse words guð meaning “god” and rūn meaning “rune” or “secret lore”. In Norse mythology, Gudrun was a feisty heroine, whose life was anything but quiet!

Originally the wife of the war hero Sigurd, she was then married to Atil, also known as Atila the Hun, after Sigurd’s death. She subsequently murdered Atil in revenge because he had killed her brothers. You don’t want to mess with a Gudrun!


Female Viking warrior names are a popular choice for a newborn
A Viking warrior woman / Hans Splinter (CC)

The name Gunhild (or Gunnhild) comes for the Old Norse name Gunnhildr, which means “fight” or “battle”. It’s a variation on the name Hilda (see below). The popularity of the name Gunnhild may be due to her appearance as one of shield maidens, or Valkyries, in the TV series The Vikings.


Helga comes from the Old Norse word heilagr meaning “holy”, “blessed”, “sacred” or “divine woman”. In Norse mythology, Hel (a diminutive of Helga) presided over the underworld, while in The Vikings, Helga is the wife of Floki.


Meaning “the fighter”, “battle woman” or “ready for battle”, Hilda is certainly not a name for a shrinking violet. Coming for the Old Norse word hildr, which means “battle”, it’s a name that the Vikings traditionally gave to girls to give them strength and protection in life.

It’s also the name of a saint, Hilda of Whitby, who was the founder and abbesses of Whitby Abbey in the seventh century.


Ingrid comes from the Old Norse name Ingiríðr, which means “beautiful goddess”. In Norse mythology, Ing was another name for Freya, the goddess of fertility and beauty.

It’s apt then that the best known Ingrids, Swedish film star Ingrid Bergman, was commonly considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful women.

Get in touch with your inner Viking and chose a female Viking name for your daughter
Viking girl


The name Liv comes form the Old Norse word hlíf, which means “shelter” or “protection”. In modern Nordic countries, it has also come to mean “life”. The best-known contemporary Liv is Norwegian actress and film director Liv Ullmann.


There are several different possibilities for the origins and meaning of the name Randi. Some sources suggest that it derives from the Old Norse name Ragnfríðr, which means “loved by god”, while others claim it’s a combination of the Norse words regin meaning “advice or counsel” and fríðr, meaning “beautiful”.

Other sources say that it means “shield or shrine”. Take your pick!


The name Saga means “seeing one” and suggests a mystical ability to predict the future. It comes from the Old Norse word sjá which means “to see”.

In Norse mythology, Saga is the goddess of prophecy and wisdom, while the best-known contemporary Saga is Saga Norén, the detective from the Scandi-crime drama The Bridge.


Sigrid is another name of Viking origin that has several different meanings. Some sources suggest that it means “victory” or “victorious horsewoman”, while others have the definition as “wisdom and beauty”. Its recent popularity as a name could well be down to Norwegian singer/songwriter Sigrid.

Sigrid is female Viking name that means "victory".
The singer Sigrid / Tore Sætre (CC)


The name Sif comes from the Old Norse word sif, meaning “wife or bride”. In Norse mythology, Sif was the golden-haired goddess of the earth and fertility, and the wife of Thor.


This pretty Nordic name derives from a combination of the Viking words ulf, which means “wolf” and hildr, meaningbattle” or “struggle”.


The name Tove comes for the Old Norse name Tófa, meaning “beautiful Thor”. Other sources, however, suggest that it means “dove”. Inspirational females named Tove include the creator of the Moomintrolls, Finnish author Tove Jansson, and the Swedish singer Tove Lo.


The origins of the name Thyra are unclear. Some sources suggest that it means “thunder warrior’ from the Old Norse words þórr, meaning “thunder” and víg, meaning “fight or battle”, while others claim that it means “devoted to Thor” or  “helpful”. Either way, the real life Thyra was a Danish queen from the eighth century.

Chose a female Viking name for strength and bravery.
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The Nordic name Ursa is a diminutive of the popular female name Ursula and and means “female bear” or “wild”.

Viking name generator

And if you fancy having a bit of fun, check out our female Viking names generator, which will generate some random Viking names based on your real name (or someone else’s) to give you further inspiration.

Top ten Viking dog names

And if you’re looking for a cool Viking name for your dog, here are a few suggestions, with their meanings. We’ve included some Viking female dog names and male dog names, and chosen our top ten favourite dog names that come from Viking words.

  • Ama (eagle, for girls)
  • Arne (eagle, for boys)
  • Bjorn (bear)
  • Frode (wise)
  • Revna (raven)
  • Rinda (giant
  • Sjór (sea)
  • Rune (secret)
  • Ulf (wolf)
  • Yrsa (she-bear)

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