Nordic aliens: what are they and are they real?

Whether or not you believe in aliens, it can be fun to entertain the idea of the vastness of the universe and what may be living out among the stars. 

Nordic aliens are thought to arrive by spaceship

In the case of Nordic aliens, the stories about them have been circulating for decades. Since the 1950s there have been various reports by eyewitnesses who claim to have seen them. Others claimed to have been abducted. 

So let’s take a look at these otherworldly beings and find out what exactly they are, and above all else, are they real?

What is a Nordic alien?

Nordic aliens are human-like extraterrestrial entities that are said to resemble people from Northern Europe.

They are known by a variety of names such as Pleiadians, Nordics, Tall White Aliens, Space Brothers and Blonde Humanoids.

Nordic aliens are also known as Tall White Aliens, Space Brothers and Blonde Humanoids
Greener than your average Scandinavian / FolsomNatural (CC)

Nordic aliens form a notable part of UFO and abduction beliefs in European countries. It is a phenomenon that has supposedly been witnessed by numerous people across Scandinavia.

What do Nordic aliens look like?

Nordic aliens are said to have a human-like appearance and closely resemble people from Scandinavian countries. Think tall, pale, blonde hair, and blue eyes. Basically, it’s everything you would expect from a stereotypical Nordic person, just in an alien form. 

They are also rumoured to be very skinny with long legs and large foreheads. Some even describe them as being attractive. 

Nordic aliens ressemble Northern Europeans
FolsomNatural (CC)

Another notable characteristic about these entities is that they are known for being friendly towards the human race. Other alien species, such as the Grey aliens, are known for being hostile.

The history of Nordic aliens

According to Heroes Wiki, the legend of Nordic aliens began in 1954, when a mother heard strange noises coming from outside. She dismissed the noises, as she thought it was her two children messing around in the yard. 

The mother then went to check from the window and found her children staring at the sky. The children told her that they saw something flying around above their house. 

She spotted the object. It was a UFO with Nordic aliens observing them. Shocked and terrified, the mother pulled her kids inside the house to keep them safe.

Moments later, she stepped outside and the object flew away. It is unknown what their motive was for watching them, but some speculate that the Nordic aliens were examining the Earth. 

It’s said that there is footage of the woman spotting the UFO, but for unknown reasons the footage was allegedly taken off-air.

Since the first sighting, the encounters that followed mostly happened in Europe during the 1950s. There have not been many – if any – sightings outside of Europe.

Where do Nordic aliens come from?

There are various theories as to where the Nordic aliens come from: some claim that they are from the planet Venus, while others claim that they come from the constellation of Taurus. 

The first sighting of Nordic aliens was in the 1950s.
Jason Eppink (CC)

A few people who claim to have been abducted say that they were told by the Nordic aliens hat they were visiting Earth from the star cluster known as the Pleiades.

One fact that everyone can agree on: they are definitely not from Earth!

What else do we know about Nordic aliens?

Nordic aliens are sometimes described as being magical with telepathic powers. They have also been described as paternal, watchful, smiling, affectionate and youthful.

So what do these magical beings want with us? Some claim that the Nordic aliens simply want to observe and communicate with humans.

They may also have concerns about the Earth’s environment and prospects for world peace.

Nordic alien abductions

Alien abductions sound pretty scary in reality. Think about it: an unknown species kidnaps you from your home, puts you into their UFO, and then conducts experiments on you. 

James Lee (CC)

Luckily, most of the accounts from people who’ve been abducted by Nordics aliens say that their experience was a positive one. So don’t worry, if you come across one of these aliens, you will most likely be safe. 

George Adamski, for example, claimed to have been abducted by the Nordics, and that they flew around space together. 

It may sound unlikely, but there are many people who believe his story, and he has written several books and provided photographs of his experience. 

Another alleged abductee was Howard Menger. He claimed to have come in contact with the Nordics and has also written books about how he interacted with the extraterrestrials. 

Nordic aliens in pop culture

There are references to Nordic aliens in numerous movies, TV shows and video games. If you’re interested in Nordic aliens (or science fiction in general) it may be worth checking these out.

In the show People of Earth, a TBS comedy series, the Nordic alien belongs to one of the three main groups of aliens (the other two being Reptilian and Grey aliens).

There are three main groups of alien: Nordic aliens, Grey aliens and Reptilian aliens
Grey aliens / Jirka Matousek (CC)

The Nordic alien has also been depicted in an episode of Scooby Doo: in the episode titled Aliens Among Us, a thief named Sheila O’Flaherty was disguised as a blonde Nordic alien. 

Sheila was also accompanied by two other types of aliens. You guessed it: Reptilian and Grey aliens.

In Stargate, a sci-fi television show from the late 1990s, the protagonists come across an alien race known as the Asgard. They look like Nordic gods in appearance, but they are actually small Grey aliens.

If you’re a gamer, you might have heard of the game Perfect Dark. In this series, evil aliens disguise themselves as the more friendly Nordic aliens in order to trick humans.

So, are Nordic aliens real?

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) there is no conclusive evidence that proves Nordic aliens are real.

There are a few videos on YouTube with people claiming to have seen them, but otherwise, there is scant evidence to support the existence of Nordic aliens. 

It’s definitely fun to speculate, but it’s ultimately up to you whether or not you want to believe in life beyond the world we know.

But who knows? Perhaps these Nordic-like creatures are walking among us and we just haven’t realised it yet! 

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