Is the food safe to eat in Denmark?

If you’re a seasoned traveller, then you’ll have long since learned that rushing into any country’s local delicacies can be as harrowing as it is exciting. We all know both the thrill of finding the perfect street food and the horror at sensing that familiar warble in the stomach that signals an oncoming bout of food poisoning.  

Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay

But in general, is the food safe in Denmark? As you hit the wonderful vegetarian restaurants, food festivals, and markets, you can rest assured that with some precautions the answer is yes.

The sanitation and health standards in Denmark are just as high if not higher than those in the United States or the UK. You can rest assured that the food is generally being handled properly before it touches your plate. 

Of course, as in any country in the world, there is no surefire way to completely avoid food-borne illnesses. But the high cleanliness standards ensure that outbreaks of salmonella and similar diseases are few and far between.  

Image by Mogens Petersen from Pixabay

While it is as safe a place to eat as any, be sure to take the same precautions in Denmark as you would anywhere else. Tap water is fine to drink (Denmark’s water is among the safest in the world).

Also, be a little wary of food that seems to have been sitting out for a long time, such as the trays at a buffet (this is of course true anywhere in the world). While restaurants should do a good job of keeping the food fresh and at a proper temperature, you can never be entirely sure.  

As in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, the food in Denmark is generally well-cared for and safe to eat. So get out there and enjoy all the delicious cuisine that Denmark has to offer!

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