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Founded by Karin Moberg when she discovered that her nine-year-old stepson Adam was gluten intolerant, this bakery has gone on to have huge success – not least being asked to provide baked goods for the Nobel Prize banquet, which takes place in Stockholm every year.

The bakery’s products can be bought at around 50 shops in Sweden but if you fancy it, you can drop in on the action yourself and try some of the bread and cakes, still warm from the oven.

Friends of Adam bakery, Stockholm

Everything on sale is gluten free, including the super cinnamon buns (20 SEK), which you can watch being made in the big open kitchen.

There are only around six places to perch in the window, but it’s a nice spot to sip a hot drink and recharge (the coffee they sell here is from Swedish company Johan & Nyström, which buys beans directly from producers).

If you like any of the bread or cakes that you try at Friends of Adam then you can buy some bits to take away too – a loaf of Danish-style sourdough bread, perhaps, or a simple gluten-free baguette.

Friends of Adam
Hornstulls Strand 13

+46 829 09 07
Mon–Fri 9am–6pm, Sat 10am–4pm


Last updated: September 2014

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