Delicious homemade gelato

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The gooey, homemade gelato at Stikkinikki is reason enough to pay a visit to Mariatorget, one of Södermalm’s prettiest squares.

More than 650 different flavours are served up in the all-pink ice cream shop, but not all at once – different ones are brought out all the time, depending on what’s been made.

If it’s being sold when you visit, be sure to try the salt liquorice gelato; it’s a very Scandinavian flavour combo that takes a bit of getting used to but rewards with a burst of salty sweetness.

StikkiNikki ice cream shop in Stockholm

Other unusual options include saffron, sea salt and olive oil, vegan cashew, and coconut sorbet. Feeling decidedly unadventurous? Grab a scoop of vanilla.

Portions are generous, prices are reasonable and there’s coffee, in case you need a dose of caffeine.

Note that there is another branch of StikkiNikki on Drottninggatan in Norrmalm.

Mariatorget 1c
April–late-Sept only


Last updated: September 2014

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