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Stockholm's best burgers

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Queues are commonplace at Flippin Burgers in Stockholm, and for good reason: it’s easily the city’s best burger joint.

The guy who started this place travelled to the USA to research hamburger culture and came back with a recipe approaching perfection: juicy, deliciously gooey burgers that satisfy the strongest of junk food cravings.

But this is not junk food in the traditional sense; the meat comes from a supplier in the Stockholm archipelago, and buns come from a local bakery (gluten-free alternatives are available).

Flippin Burgers, Stockholm

Regular hamburgers and cheeseburgers are joined on the menu by a special ‘burger of the month’ and a veggie option that’s made with kidney beans and chipotle chillies. Most regular-sized burgers cost around 115 SEK.

You can wash down your food with a milkshake (chocolate fudge brownie flavour with Captain Morgan rum, anyone?) or an American pale ale. Sides are available too but we thought our fries were a bit disappointing.

When we visited on a weeknight there was a 40-minute wait for a table, so go early and be prepared to hang around for a while before you eat (they don’t take bookings). If it’s not too busy you can wait by the bar with a drink.

Flippin Burgers Stockholm
Observatoriegatan 8

Mon–Fri 4pm–10pm, Sat & Sun noon–10pm


Last updated: September 2014

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