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Eat lunch among ancient treasures

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Up on the mezzanine level in Stockholm’s beautiful Mediterranean museum, Bagdad Café is well worth a visit in its own right – it’s full of old-fashioned charm and a really unusual place to eat lunch or have cup of tea.

Wood-panelled walls, hanging lanterns, thick rugs and waxy house plants give the café a strangely exotic feel.

What’s more, some of the tables here are located just above the museum’s main gallery.

They’re surrounded by cabinets full ancient artefacts, unearthed when Swedish archaeologists travelled to Cyprus in the late 1920s.

Bagdad Café, Stockholm

Bagdad Café is run by a chef who specialises in food from the eastern Mediterranean. When we visited, the lunch options (around 120 SEK each) included lamb meatballs with garlic yoghurt and bulgur, and a spinach and feta cheese pie.

Warming drinks like cardamom coffee and hot chocolate make this a really nice place to retreat to on cold winter days. There’s reasonably priced beer and wine, too.

There’s no need to pay to get in to the café, unless you also want to explore the main part of the museum downstairs. You can read our guide to the museum itself here.

Bagdad Café
Inside Medelhavsmuseet (the Mediterranean Museum)
Fredsgatan 2

+46 707 351 898
Mon 11.30am–2pm, Tues–Fri 11.30am–8pm, Sat & Sun noon–5pm


Last updated: September 2014

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