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It’s hard to find a good, cheap place to fika (basically, drink coffee and have a chat) in Gamla Stan, as so many of the cafés charge high prices.

Schwiezerkonditoriet is also on the pricey side, but at least it’s a little bit different from its neighbours, with Swedish words and phrases scrawled all over its salmon-pink walls in white pen, and little tealights flickering away on the tables.

In the wintertime the café is a cosy place to come and watch the snow falling on the cobbles outside – and the bowl-sized mugs of chai are perfect for warming frozen fingers.

Schwiezerkonditoriet is one of the best cafés in Gamla Stan

A lot of the classic Swedish cakes and pastries are available here, like punschrullar (liqueur-flavoured cakes covered in green marzipan, with both ends dipped in chocolate), and chokladbollar (literally, chocolate balls).

You can also get big, tasty sandwiches, which are served up – for some reason – with a thick slice of watermelon. Call it a free pudding.

Service is pretty quick but as the place is so small, it can get busy quickly.

Västerlånggatan 9
Gamla Stan

+46 841 151 77
Daily 7am–8pm

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