Useful apps for a trip to Denmark

A trip to Denmark can be much smoother with the use of a few clever smartphone apps. Wifi is super easy to find in Copenhagen, and even in Denmark’s more rural areas there are still cafes, information centers, museums, libraries and convenience stores providing free wifi for tourists. And here’s a pro-tip if you’re in a pinch: McDonalds and Espresso House pretty much always have free wifi hotspots.

While we’re not saying that you need a smartphone in Denmark, we do think that having one can definitely make your trip a bit more organised. Planning ahead with map, translation and currency apps on your smartphone can save you a lot of time and money while you’re on the road. We’ve come up with a list of apps for iPhone/Android that are great for a trip to Denmark, whether you’re visiting Copenhagen or foraging for free food in the countryside.

Getting around

Copenhagen airport app

CPH Airport

Android and iPhone

CPH Airport is the official app for Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup). It’s really convenient if you’re arriving or departing from here, as it allows you to monitor all incoming and outgoing flights.

Add your flights to the ‘My Flights’ list to get push notifications on your phone with updates about your trip such as boarding times or delays. The app also offers a comprehensive guide to the shopping areas and services offered at the airport. Use this free app to start your Danish adventure smoothly.


Denmark's bike and stay app

Bike & Stay

Android and iPhone

Made by the Danish tourist board, this app highlights some of the best long-distance cycle routes across Denmark, including coastal routes in the east and west of the country.

Along the way, it’ll point out historical sites and points of interest – it even recommends bike-friendly campsites for you to pitch up at.

The app is free and works offline, so there’s no need to worry about roaming charges.



Walking app in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen City Walks

Free to try; full version $4.99
Android and iPhone

Copenhagen City Walks is an amazing app for people who are doing Copenhagen on a budget. It provides a bunch of self-guided walks through the city, with tons of information about the sights you can see on each walk. This is perfect for people who want to walk around the city and learn about history, art and architecture without having to spend money on guided tours or public transportation.

The full version of the app costs $4.99, but it includes step-by-step navigational instructions of all the walking tours including all the attractions, as well as the fun ability to check off the sights and places that you’ve visited on your trip.


Google Maps is handy for getting around Copenhagen

Google Maps

Android and iPhone

We’ve tried and tested a few different apps for getting around in Denmark and Google Maps is the clear winner – it provides directions that can be catered to your preferred method of transport: driving, walking, biking, or public transport. Google Maps’ navigational feature is definitely one of the best if you have service/data during your trip.

If you don’t, our recommendation is to download the ‘offline area’ map for the areas of Denmark you know you will be traveling in on a given day. Keep tabs on your own current location through your phone’s GPS receiver (independent from the internet connection) so you can avoid heading the complete wrong direction while trying to find that special smørrebrød spot you’ve been recommended.


This is a handy app for getting around in Denmark


Android and iPhone

When visiting Copenhagen, the Rejseplanen, or ‘travel planner’ app, is a totally free way to find the most efficient way of traversing public transportation around the city. This trusty app is used widely by locals and visitors in Copenhagen and is accessible in English.

Just type in your destination and the app will show all the different options for getting there. It includes up-to-date traffic information so you can be informed of delays that could mess up your plans for the day. If you have location services activated on your smartphone, the app can also find the station nearest to you – an especially handy feature for those who don’t know the city very well yet.


Buying tickets is easy with this Danish app


Android and iPhone

Mobilbilletter (‘mobile ticket’) is the ticket app for all of Copenhagen’s public transport. You can use the app to buy tickets directly on your smartphone, which means skipping ticket machine lines and foreign transaction fees on your credit card.

All the different travel zones in Copenhagen can be really confusing, but this app uses GPS to efficiently route you to your desired destination with the exact ‘zoned’ ticket you need. The app is available in English: simply tap ‘Indstillinger’ to change the language options. Be aware that you need data/service to use Mobilbilletter.


Eating and drinking

Byhost is one of the best apps for a trip to Denmark


Android and iPhone

One of our favourite apps for a trip to Denmark, Byhøst is essentially a big, interactive map of the country, showing where you can harvest free food. Click strawberries, apples and other delicious treats on the map and you’ll be able to see which months of the year they’re ready to harvest in.

There are pictures showing the types of food on offer in each place and you’ll be surprised by just how much there is – you can even go apple picking in central Copenhagen! Some of the app is available in English, but not everything is fully translated.



One of the best currency apps for a trip to Denmark

Currency Converter Plus

Android and iPhone

This app is really useful for up-to-date conversion rates while you’re out and about in Denmark. Converting everything in your head can be exhausting and slow you down in stores, so this app is an easy solution when you want to know exactly how much things cost.

Just enter the DKK amount and it will convert to your currency of choice in an instant. Once you’ve updated the conversion rate, this handy app will continue to work, even while you’re offline. The app is free but supported through ads, which aren’t too intrusive.



Travel apps for Denmark

Google Translate

Android and iPhone

While most Danes speak English perfectly well in Copenhagen, you may need the help of a translator if you’re taking trips outside of the capital. Google Translate is hands down the best option for translation services. Just type in the word, phrase or location you desperately need to translate, and you can have it in Danish in an instant, and also hear the pronunciation – which is really useful since Danish is notoriously hard to pronounce (even the proper way to pronounce the popular tourist spot Nyhavn may surprise you).

An added plus is the recently added photo feature; simply use your phone to photograph menus, signs, or ingredient lists and the app will translate the text for you. Magic. Download Danish as an offline language so you can use the app even when you don’t have access to wifi.


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