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Located down by Norra Hamn and right beside Luleå’s theatre, Hemma Gastronomi is a must for fine-food aficionados.

It’s a kind of deli, café and bistro all rolled into one, selling loads of local produce and giving visitors the chance to try several northern Swedish specialities in one go.

Much of the space inside is taken up by chiller cabinets stocked with local cheeses, jams and hams, including hard cheeses from mountain cows in Jokkmokk, around 175km inland from Luleå. There are also reindeer steaks available if you’re feeling brave and fancy cooking back at your hostel or self-catering place.

Hemma Gastronomi

Perhaps more usefully, you’ll also find lots of pre-prepared stuff you can piece together to make a great take-away lunch, from salami and brie baguettes to healthy boxed salads.

Sweet-toothed travellers would do well to check out the brightly coloured macaroons, the saffron-flavoured fudge and the plump chocolate truffles. Another thing we’d recommend, if you’re here in the run up to Christmas, is to try a bottle of the local julmust. It’s a sugary, alcohol-free drink that tastes similar to Dr Pepper and is drunk in vast quantities across Sweden (an identical drink is often rebranded for Easter, too).

For a proper sit-down meal, try the tiny bistro at the far end of the deli. It’s a cosy, intimate place for dinner – mains go for around 175 SEK.

Hemma Gastronomi
Norra Strandgatan 1

+46 920 220 002
Open Mon–Sat


Last updated: February 2015

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