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Hermitage run Copenhagen
Sun, Oct

The Hermitage Run

11:00am – 11:00am
319 DKK

Every autumn in Dyrehaven, the big forest park just north of Copenhagen, there’s a fun race called the Hermitage Run.

This event has been around since 1969, and people of all ages come to Copenhagen to join in (the oldest participant is said to have been 96 years old!).

The Hermitage Run originally started as a big 25-km race but since the 80s it’s been cut down to a more manageable 13.3 km.

This isn’t just any run. Families love it, and even top athletes come to compete. The records to beat? 38.40 mins for guys and 43.45 mins for gals.

The best part? The setting is really very beautiful, home to Unesco-listed royal palace and lots of free-roaming deer. So, if you want to run in a pretty place and be part of a cool tradition, this is the one for you! If you want to join the run, you can sign up here (link in Danish) for 319 DKK (early bird-ticket) or 349 DKK (nornal price) , which includes a t-shirt.


6th Oct, 2024

Start/End Time: 11:00am – 11:00am


Copenhagen, Denmark



319 DKK

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