Eco bike tour of Stockholm

Join an eco bike tour of Stockholm, Sweden

✓  Two-hour tour
✓  Local guides
✓  Mondays from April–October
✓  Suitable for families
✓  See Stockholm’s green initiatives
✓  From 500 SEK per person

Stockholm is one of Europe’s greenest capitals, and the city has taken serious steps to reduce the impact its residents have on the environment.

On this two-wheeled tour of the city, you’ll learn about those green initiatives and get to enjoy some beautiful views along the way.

Since being named the first European Green Capital back in 2010, Stockholm has tried several different approaches to becoming greener, including sustainable city planning and the introduction of a congestion charge. It’s working, too; the city’s carbon footprint has shrunk by 25% since the 1990s.

Using bikes (which, let’s face it, are pretty green), you and the rest of your small group will explore some beautiful parts of the city, learning about its ecological innovations.

Important information

If you are smaller then 1.55m you need to inform us 48 hours prior to the tour starting. For all tours with children we need 48 hours’ notice. Child seats and trailers can be provided for small kids – please contact us if you need those.

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