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Oct 13
Feb 24

Haute Couture: A New Era

11:00am – 05:00pm

Step behind the scenes of the evolving world of haute couture with ‘The Dress Makes the Man, Haute Couture – A New Era’ exhibition at Liljevalchs in Stockholm, Sweden.

It offers a glimpse into the journey haute couture fashion is undergoing, transitioning from a women-only art to a more inclusive and expressive genre embraced by a new generation of clients.

Fredrik Robertsson, one of the few men globally who custom orders from Parisian haute couture houses, is at the forefront of this style revolution. The exhibition displays around forty of his handpicked, hand-sewn garments from fashion houses like Alexis Mabille, Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda, alongside unique pieces from rising designers such as Casey Curran and Richard Quinn.

Each piece, although originally designed for women, has been expertly tailored to fit Robertsson’s body, blurring the gender boundaries in fashion.

The exhibit offers a rare peek into Robertsson’s transformative fashion journey which began less than a decade ago. Since then, he’s amassed an extraordinary collection whilst also becoming a style icon and muse in the fashion world. His flamboyant, gender-fluid style perfectly captures the loosening of traditional gender norms in fashion.

The exhibition also displays photographs by Ea Czyz, documenting Robertsson’s trips to Paris over the years. These candid shots offer an unprecedented view into the world of haute couture – from the front row of fashion shows, to fitting rooms and the sewing studios where these couture creations come to life.

Curated by fashion journalist Susanna Strömquist in collaboration with Robertsson, this exhibition stands as a testament to the changing face of high fashion.


13th Oct, 2023 - 24th Feb, 2024

Start/End Time: 11:00am – 05:00pm





Liljevalchs, Djurgårdsvägen 60, Djurgården, Stockholm