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Mar 9
Mar 10

Cross-country World Cup and Raw Air

12:00am – 06:00pm

With national pride running high and a fanbase that’s positively electric, the Cross-Country World Cup hits Holmenkollen in March 2024. A true celebration of Nordic sporting prowess, this event sees the world’s finest skiiers tackling its snowy slopes.

The Cross-Country World Cup is more than just a series of races – it’s a celebration of winter sports that brings together professionals and spectators against a stunning Nordic backdrop.

And at the same time, Holmenkollen is also hosting RAW AIR, Norway’s extreme ski-jumping tournament. Known as the world’s most daring, RAW AIR sees competitors take on the formidable Holmenkollbakken, adding another thrilling dimension to this sporting spectacle.

Spectators will see an ocean of Norwegian flags, hear the magical sounds of cowbells, and witness the robust ‘kollenbrøl’, a unique cheer that reverberates throughout the arena.

Holmenkollen isn’t just a place for elite athletes though; it’s also a hub of family-friendly activities, with plenty to keep kids, teens and adults entertained in the various arena areas.


9th Mar, 2024 - 10th Mar, 2024

Start/End Time: 12:00am – 06:00pm


Oslo, Norway



Holmenkollen, Oslo, Norway