Lund is a compact little city but the spaghetti of narrow, cobbled roads around the cathedral can make it a bit tricky to get your bearings.

Whether you’re arriving by bus or train, the first place you’ll see is Lund Centralstation – the city’s main transport hub. Most of the city’s hotels, restaurants and attractions are in the area immediately east of here, though you’ll also find a couple of places to stay in the residential area on the other side of the train tracks.

The cathedral is just a couple of streets east of the train station, and is the focal point for most of the tourist activity in town. A couple of the city’s other big attractions, including the history museum and the Kulturen cultural park, are also close by.

The city’s chief shopping street, Stora Södergatan, runs south from the cathedral and it’s here that you’ll find Lund’s modern tourist office, which hands out free maps and info on local events. If you need a bank, ATM, department store or branch of H&M, Stora Södergatan is the place to start.

You’ll find grand university buildings in the area just north of the cathedral but the main part of the modern uni is further north again. This sprawling campus might not hold the same charm as the old part of town, but there are a couple of interesting sights worth checking out, such as the excellent Skissernas Museum and the Vattenhallen Science Center.

Neatly kept parks mark out the southern, western and eastern extents of the old city – Stadsparken and Botaniska Trädgården (the botanical gardens) are both particularly good looking, especially if you’re in town during the summer or when it’s snowing.