Getting around Luleå

For the most part, Luleå is an easy city to get around on foot. The centre is compact and the main shopping street, Storgatan, is practically car free. What’s more, the train station and bus station are both within easy walking distance of the central hotels.

But if you’re interested in heading out to Gammelstads Kyrkstad and don’t have a car then you might need to use Luleå’s bus network. Buses run from the centre all the way to Gammelstads Kyrkstad and out to Luleå Airport – both of which are too far away to reach on foot.

Local buses are run by LLT, which has a ticket office in the centre of Luleå at Smedjegatan 13H (Mon–Fri 10am–5pm). You can buy individual tickets for local bus journeys here at 25 SEK for a single journey.

An easier option is to use your credit or debit card to pay aboard the bus (no cash is accepted). Just be aware that your bank may charge you an additional fee for every transaction you make.

If you’re planning on staying in Luleå for a few days, head to the LLT office mentioned above and ask for a ‘turistkort’. These tickets cost 100 SEK and allow you to ride the city’s buses as many times as you like over the course of three days. You can also buy yourself one of these tourist passes at the café just inside the arrivals hall at Luleå Airport. For more, see our guide to getting to Luleå.

Map of Luleå’s bus network (click to enlarge)


Buses to and from the airport stop on Smedjegatan in the city centre, while services to Gammelstads Kyrkstad stop on nearby Skeppsbrogatan at the stop called ‘Shopping’.

If you want to hire a bike, head to Cykelstället at Sandviksgatan 76. Bikes cost 150 SEK on the first day and 100 SEK for each day thereafter.

Taxis wait outside the Pressbyrån newsagent at the bus station. Local companies include Sverigetaxi (+46 920 100 00) and Minicab (+46 920 255 555). As always, check what the approximate fare will be before getting in. Our guide to getting around Stockholm has more information on what to look out for when taking taxis – the same rules apply in Luleå.


Last updated: February 2015