Malmo and southern Sweden itinerary help

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    Hej guys!

    I will be traveling to Sweden in early April but can’t quite figure out the best itinerary. I generally enjoy slower pace of travel and enjoying local shops, cafes, architecture and food rather than just ticking off tourist attractions.

    I have 8 nights to play with and my main reason for the trip is to explore Malmo. However as I’m flying into Copenhagen, I’m tempted to stay there for a couple of nights (I’ve been to Copenhagen before and really enjoyed it). I would also like to explore beyond Malmo and visit maybe Helsingborg, Lund, Ystad or Kristianstad.

    At the moment I’m thinking of spending:
    2 nights in Copenhagen,
    4 nights in Malmo,
    2 nights in Helsingborg, Lund, Ystad or Kristianstad.

    Which one of those towns would you recommend? (I don’t want to rush so prefer to visit just one). And also are 2 nights a good amount of time to experience one of those towns or would I be better off staying just one night and instead spending 5 nights in Malmo?

    I would be super thankful for any advice!

    Best wishes,


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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